3 Ways To Make Money Online With Web Hosting

Make Money Online

Making money online is one of the most ideal ways to have a flexible income. Because of that, everyone is rushing to get a piece of the action and make money on the Internet. You may even know someone, or at least have read or heard about someone, who makes a living using the Internet, and for this reason it is no wonder that all this activity has attracted the attention of a wide range of individuals and businesses looking to put more cash in their pockets.

You can sell ad space, get paid to write, promoting products as an affiliate, and more.

As of November 2018, over 1,390,000 new posts every day, 57 916 every hour, and 965 every single minute! Blogs continue to be highly popular around the world, and we’re now seeing a trend that’s potentially even bigger with blogging and WordPress specifically. The stats show that everyone want to have their own blog nowadays, and the stats also tell us that the world of web hosting can generate huge income if you know how to get in front of the tide of people who need this most basic service.

With many jumping into the blogging world, what is your chance to make money with web hosting? Can you really make money from web hosting? What is the best way to make money with web hosting? If those are questions you’ve ever asked yourself, this article is for you!

In this article we will highlight 4 sure fire ways to make money online with a web hosting business.

3 Ways To Make Money Online With Web Hosting

Get Start With Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting is a great way to begin your journey to make money online with web hosting. By offering reseller web hosting services, you will only start with a small spending budget, as the investment of time and equipment is minimal. You will need a large amount of storage capacity and bandwidth to support it, and then you are able to divide it amongst others and charge a monthly subscription fee. For less than ten dollars a week, you can buy an amount of space that will turn a profit when you divide it and sell it to other users.

The way to entice customers to continue to purchase their services through you is to make sure they stay extremely happy once they have chosen your company.

If you want our recommendation for the best reseller hosting companies, check out what BlueHost.

We have covered reseller web hosting before, so make sure you read about reseller web hosting and how you can make money with it for more information.

Make Money as a Web Hosting Affiliate

It is so easy to start making money with web hosting. All you need to do is you sign up the affiliate program, and the hosting company will provide you a wide range of banners and text links ads. You can place these links on your website, blog, newsletter, or in a forum to promote their brand. All these banners and text links come with your unique affiliate id, so any sales that you generated from these ads will be automatically credited to your account. Check out how easy you can become web hosting affiliate with HostGator web hosting.

Becoming a web hosting affiliate is really a simple way to earn money online with or without a website, but it is better for you set up your own website to generate any serious amount of revenue. Here you should have some basic knowledge of SEO (especially if you are using WordPress to power your site).

There are a couple of ways you can optimize your revenue from this kind of program, and on of the more popular methods these days is using social networking sites for promoting your new company/offer. Actively joining related forums and promote your affiliate link will also work for you. Besides that you also can write a review on your personal blog and actively promote the article using social networking sites.

The key to using this strategy is you want to be authentic. Don’t just think there are people out there waiting to pay you for hosting or who WANT to hear about your hosting offer. You need to focus on building a great reputation for yourself in any social community before trying to sell people a product or service.

To start with social networking sites, make sure you check out Pinterest and Scoop.it and see how these two social networking sites can help you increase sales and at the same time promoting your affiliate link.

Start a Web Service Using a Dedicated Server

A lot of people think that joining a reseller or affiliate program is the only way to make money from web hosting. That’s not true. In fact becoming a reseller might be one of the least effective ways to make a living online (for newbie that wants to get started). Millions of people are desperately trying to attract new clients to their reseller businesses and the competition is increasing day by day. In this scenario entering this industry isn’t a very good idea. If you are a business minded person then you can come up with many creative ideas.

There are a number of services that you can offer. For instance a large percentage of PC users are looking for backup servers. The demand for this service is much higher than traditional web hosting. Not only that, the competition is also much less. Moreover you don’t need to make any huge investments. To start this business you just need to rent out a small dedicated server from a reliable company like InMotion. With the passage of time, as your business gains popularity, you can easily scale up. Cloud servers can also be used for this purpose. This option is not only reliable but also much cheaper.

With some in-depth research and creativity, you can come up with even better ideas such as offering free web hosting services. When you start offering a free web hosting service you can start serve an advertisement as one of the way to make money online with web hosting. In the same time you can use the income to cover your dedicated server cost.

Final Though About Make Money With Web Hosting

Generally speaking there are many ways to make money online with web hosting, make sure you choose the best way that suits the nature of business. You also can check with others in the web hosting field to see how they started and where they are now with their business goals. Keep track of your business goals and review them frequently to make sure you are staying on the right track to make money online with your new web hosting business.

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