4 Things to Consider When Registering a Domain for Your Website

In order to procure a website, you need a web hosting service and preferably a domain name to go along with it.  These days, many web hosts offer a free domain name when signing up for one of their hosting packages.  While such a deal is often hard to resist, this may not be the best move.  This article will give you some important factors to consider and point you in the direction of a reliable domain name registrar.

1. What’s wrong with a Free Domain?

Getting a free domain registration from a web host is great, provided the company registers it in your name.  Unfortunately, several hosting companies elect to place the registration in their name.  This basically means that they own your domain name and can actually protest your decision to move it to another hosting company or registrar.  You can guess what a bad situation this could be turn out to be.  When it comes it to the internet, this is essentially like someone owning the name of your business.  Therefore, you should strongly consider only obtaining a free domain from a web host that will not try to claim ownership of the name.  If not, you could find yourself in a grueling, losing battle.

2. Avoid the Traps

These days, domain registrars offer an assortment of extra features.  This ranges from additional products for protecting your domain name to web hosting services.  Most of these offerings will sound tempting but it is wise to only select the services you require.  Therefore, if you simply need a domain name, don’t let a company persuade you into buying an overpriced hosting package as well.  If a particular registrar makes the process too confusing or tries to pressure you into purchasing these additional services, you should probably consider moving along to the next company.

3. Choose a Reliable Registrar

There are several domain registrars out there however only a few have a reputation that demands consideration.  Two of the most trusted and widely used are BigRock.

BigRock is often a first choice due to its reliable service and super-low prices.  You can get a .com, .net, .biz and many other domain names for Rs.99/- or less per year.  If you are paying significantly more than this, BigRock will allow you to transfer for a discounted price and renew your name for an additional year.

4. Stay on Your P’s and Q’s

Before deciding on a domain name, it is important to know what to look for in a registrar.  The two most essential aspects are reliability and status.  The same company that exists today could be gone tomorrow.  Although service providers are supposed to employ safeguards that prevent registrants from losing their domain, this is not the type of system you want to put to the test.  In simple terms, choosing a reliable domain name registrar is a must.  Just as when comparing web hosting services, you need to perform the same due diligence when hunting for a domain name holder.

Author: Prasad Shirsekar

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