5 Fastest Ways to Find Blog Readers

5 Fastest Ways to Find Blog Readers

People that just started blogging often want to get readers for their blog as soon as possible. In fact when they publish their first post they hope readers are ready to go…but as the saying goes…that is easier said than done!

Once you have started blogging, there is an overwhelming enjoyment that you simply cannot satisfy. You feel that you have unlimited topics to write about and share with your readers. The problem is where are your readers?

We can say that the quickest approaches to get readers, followers, or subscribers for your blog aren’t always the most effective ways to maintain them as a consistent audience. While considering the fast ways of getting readers to your blog, you should also think about the strategy on how to maintain them.

Here are some ideas to help you get started on how to find readers for your blog fast (if you totally new to the blogging world, make sure you read our previous blogging tips articles for some helpful tips on getting your blog started).

1. Social Networking

If you have a blog, you most probably have a Facebook or Twitter account. These two sites maybe are the best places to start gathering readers for your blog. For starters, what you need to do is try promoting your blog on your wall or tweet about it. Who else is more interested to read the articles you write than your friends and family? The good compliments they are going to give will not hurt either as you fine tune your writing voice and skill.

If you have hundreds of Facebook and Twitter friends, well you just have found a potential readership for your blog. Furthermore, since we are talking about your friends and loved ones, “maintaining” this audience is relatively easy.

2. Forums & Other Blogs

Let’s say you want other readers other than your friends and family to read your blog. The next thing you need to do is let them know your blog exists.

The best way to do this is by actively participating or posting on forums and commenting on other sites, especially those that have the same niche as your blog. When doing this, make sure you include a link to your blog. This can be a fast way to get new readers because people who get interested in your comments will surely take a look at your blog once they read your comment. So make sure you leave useful and interesting posts and comments in forums and blogs that are already popular.

Take the web hosting industry for example, WebHostingTalk.com is a pretty good forum to start with.

3. Aesthetical Value

People today have become attracted with visual blog posts which means you need to take full advantage of this form of content. Attract them to your blog by making it aesthetically pleasing. A blog with nothing but text, text, and more text is completely uninteresting so make sure you include attractive photos inside your blog content that will attract reader’s attention (ADVANCED TIP: once you get popular, pretty photos are not that important…as a matter of fact, once you are the “expert” in your respective field, people will only really care about the “words”).

Besides that, if you want your blog to have a simple yet attractive and professional feel, you must organize your sidebar. Heavy, cluttered sidebars with ads or unrelated widget will make your blog look unprofessional. Make sure you keep your blog design and layout clean because a clustered sidebar will drive your visitors away.

A nice font is also something that attracts audience. Make your font large and easy to read. Because easy to read text with good font selection will encourage people to read more and more of your posts.

4. Interact With Your Audience

When you leave comments, usually you will hope that the blog admin reply you. Same here, when you readers leave comments, you should take your time to reply to it. Simple replies like “Thanks You” or “Come Back” can go a long way in the digital world. Isn’t it just appalling when a blog owner does not respond to e-mails and comments? Hence, you should never take the comments and e-mails of your audience for granted and make them think you don’t care…after all..isn’t that why you build the site in the first place??!!.

Respond to comments that are worth responding to. Negative comments should be handled with care. You do not want people to think that you do not accept criticism. Always respond with respect, sincerity, and passion to cultivate good interaction with your audience. This way, your personality will attract readers. Most probably, they will also promote your blog to their friends.

Another good way of interacting with your audience is by making polls or surveys. Encouraging people to voice out their opinion on your blog will definitely help you earn readers.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Probably the most effective and fastest way to get readers is by optimizing your blog and posts for search engines like Google and Bing. Millions of people search about countless things using search engines every day. These people, of course, read the first interesting thing that the search engine comes up with. Therefore, you must increase your chances of being found through search engines or better yet be on the first page when a search about your niche is made.

You can do this by using keywords on your posts with a certain density, making powerful headlines for your post titles, writing short yet informative descriptions for your post, and more (feel free to browse our older articles for some great tips on SEO).

The main key to success in blogging world is be clear on what you are doing and keep building good relationships with other bloggers. Remember that you are dealing with REAL people out there…not just “visitors,” and your blogging business will be off to a GREAT start.

Author: Prasad Shirsekar

I have more than 10+ year of Experience in Digital Marketing.

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  1. I agree that social networking alongside search engine optimization is one of the best possibilities to grow our business. Interacting with your audience is definitely needed and very much appreciated.

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