Beginner’s Guide to SSL Certificates

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Secure Socket Layers (SSL) are protocols that permit the secure communication across points on the Internet. This allows web browsers to connect to websites and the servers they are hosted on. All trusted e-commerce hosting sites will utilize this technology to ensure their consumers are protected from phishing, hacking and other forms of data stealing. Therefore, for those attempting to establish an online business, it is critical to learn about BigRock SSL Certificates.

Domain Validation

There are a variety of options available in the e-commerce hosting marketplace that can be purchased with a monthly package. The type selected depends on the type of business. One type known as domain validation is the most inexpensive options and is only a small monthly charge with your primary plan. Domain validation only requires you to submit validation other than domain ownership which is an easy task to accomplish.

These can be easily acquired within a few minutes following the placement of a hosting order. This type of ssl certificate is available in 128 and 256 bit encryption. Unfortunately because this takes minimal effort, this certificate may not completely persuade your customer that your site is 100 percent safe and reliable.

Organization Validation

This type of SSL certificate is the one of the most secure. It is offered only in 256-bit encryption and typically purchased by large organizations concerned with developing a strong, trusting relationship with their customers. To purchase this certificate, organizational documents must be submitted and reviewed.  This type can cost hundreds of dollars per year but offers the ultimate trust factor for consumers.

Extended Validation

Extended validation provides the highest level of security and protection of customers amongst all SSL certificates. As a result it is the most expensive but worth every penny. For sensitive information such as medical records and banking information, this is the only options that should be selected. Also, if you have a hosted shopping cart, your customers will know you went the extra mile to protect their information.

For those entering the e-commerce industry, now that you are aware of the available options, it is best to select a certificate that best fits your needs. For those that believe an SSL certificate is not necessary to properly run an online business; think again. If a hacker penetrates the system and acquires access to all customer information, it could be the end of your online empire.

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