The Benefits of Web Servers and Custom Scripts

The purpose of a web hosting plan is to give you access to a web server that will let you store information that can be broadcasted onto the internet. However, there are more uses for your hosting account than just storing your website’s information. Web server’s let you take advantage of a variety of online databases and programming languages such as PHP. These programming languages are often used to create programs and scripts that can be run on your web server to carry out a plethora of automated functions. Literally everything that you can do on the internet can bee automated using a programming language. These programs are known as scripts, and in order to run them you need a server, whether it be a local server or a web server. Some scripts need internet connectivity, in which case the script must be hosted on a web server in order to accomplish the full functionality of the script.

Will Any Web Server Work?

The answer to this question depends entirely upon how powerful the script you are trying to run is. If you are running a standard script that requires minimal threading then you should be able to run it on just about any web server that allows for PHP compatibility. However if you are trying to run a script that is extremely powerful and requires multi-threading then you are going to need a more powerful server. In this case using a shared web server would not be an option, as you would not have enough bandwidth and RAM to execute all of the tasks that are being executed by the script. Therefore you may need to consider a powerful web server such as a VPS or dedicated server.

VPS Servers and Scripts

VPS servers are Virtual Private Servers, which means they are not shared between users, and therefore give you access to more system resources. However, this server does not belong to you completely, and since you are only leasing it you have limited control over what you can do with the web server. The limits that are imposed upon a virtual private server are ones that pertain to your configuration permissions within the server. This means you cannot go in and change the configuration of the server beyond what your hosting company allows you to do. If you want to run several powerful scripts, then this may be possible with a VPS, however you will need to check with the hosting company about the specific details of your configuration permissions.

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Dedicated Hosting

If you want to have as much control over your server as possible, then you will want a dedicated hosting account. A dedicated server bears its name because it is dedicated to you and no one else. This means you have much more control over your server so you can control the configuration settings of the server to fit your particular script. If you want to run the most powerful scripts then you would need to use an unmanaged dedicated hosting account. Although this kind of hosting account is not cheap, it will allow you to do practically whatever you would like.

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