BigRock vs HostGator Review – 2020

BigRock vs HostGator Review

Let us decide which web hosting service provider is better suited again with this BigRock vs HostGator Review.

BigRock is known as one of the giants of web hosting from India. HostGator is another giant of web hosting from the US. Both being giant contributor when it comes to web hosting. Each of them host a sizable amount of websites.

Let us decide who does better in the following discussions below to compare them.

Raw Numbers

BigRock has powers over 6 million domains. HostGator has over 9 million hosted websites. Clearly HostGator has the edge here.

Of course, the numbers don’t have to mean that it makes it better. Numbers are just another means to determine success.

While in this case, HostGator may have the edge. We still need to look into more details about these two web hosting giants to decide thoroughly.

History and Reputation

BigRock is owned by Directi. That’s one of the leading innovators of advanced fraud-detection algorithms. Also, this algorithm is among the best achievements they did since 1998. HostGator was founded in 2002. Thus, a little bit later than BigRock.

Since BigRock originated from those who are top tier when it comes to data security, to no surprise they are also reputed as an incredibly secure web hosting provider. They boast security to websites and servers under their nose.

HostGator as we know has a 99.9% uptime reputation. They can be reliable into claiming considering the entire 9 million websites hosted under them.

Of course, despite the reputation that BigRock and HostGator have respectively, there will always be unsatisfied customers that may have disclaimed their reputation. But we could safely say that both of them are competent when it comes to web hosting.

Performance and Reliability

As of February 2016, BigRock has a reported 99.24% uptime while HostGator has 99.96% uptime. Personally, considering how both are having 99% uptime. Regardless of your choice between them, you would still most likely have a reliable web hosting provider. Of course, if we start factoring out the massive amount of hosted sites both HostGator and BigRock, the little percentage between them is a huge number.

When it comes to this matter HostGator solidly has the lead.

Customer Support

We now know how huge both web hosting providers are. Considering the number of domains both have hosted. It may not be a surprise that they have good customer service. Since they have managed to provide services for a massive amount of clients with little complaints especially HostGator.

BigRock customer support is available through Phone, Live Chat, Email and forums. On the other hand, HostGator’s customer support is available through Phone, Fax, Live Chat, Email, support ticket and forums.

Prices and Currency

There are a lot of factors in choosing web hosting. One of the important ones is choosing one that is reasonable for the quality of their service and their prices.

The image above shows the most basic shared offer that BigRock has.

HostGator’s cheapest plan is the Hatchling Plan around $4.86 in the starting month. Meanwhile, BigRock’s basic Linux plan’s cheapest is $3.49 per month (even the windows plan is still cheaper than the Hatchling plan).

Do not be fooled though. BigRock can only get that cheap if ever you purchase their 10-year monthly plan. But if you go for the shortest term it’s around $4.09 per month over a year. Surprisingly, it is still cheaper than the Hatchling Plan.

With this round of BigRock vs HostGator Review, BigRock wins.

Advantages from India

Obviously, BigRock was founded in India. Since the founder was also born in India. Their service surely benefits a lot to those who belong from India. However, HostGator is not also an exception to this. HostGator has a separate division called HostGator India. This division is dedicated to providing better services just for India and Asian clients alike.

One of the advantages of having a dedicated service just for Indian clients like both web hosting providers does. Those who are particularly targeting Indian audience for their websites will have a better SEO ranking due to having unique Indian IP which both websites offer.


This BigRock vs HostGator review shows that HostGator edges out BigRock in a number of key categories. Most notably, they rank well with their customer service. They are also one of the larger providers for web hosting in the world. Although, BigRock is certainly a very reputable web host and can serve your needs as well. This is especially true for those that require web hosting from India.

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