Bluehost Free info Backup keeps your site Information Safe

With Bluehost Hosting you won’t have to worry about data loss ruining your Website, or your business. Catastrophic data loss can mean the end of a business. Most businesses think that having hard copy or external hard drive copies of their business information is enough to protect them from data loss but experts say that’s not enough. Bluehost gives you the tools you need to keep your data secure.

Many tech gurus recommend that businesses use off site backups to store their data in case of fire, hurricane, or some other natural catastrophe that could damage or destroy external storage devices or hard copies. Keeping data on external drives or keeping hard copies also opens up your business to risk from theft if those devices or copies are stolen or copies. If you have industry or trade secrets that you want to keep then you need to use secure storage to guard your information. Bluehost gives all their customers huge amounts of secure storage so that you can keep backup data of all your files online.

Think about all that data that you store on your computer, and then think about what would happen if it were to disappear. Financial records, personal information, customer data, order information, tracking information, marketing plans, budgets, and all the other information that you use everyday are all stored on your computer. Site design files, ecommerce files, product photos and descriptions and many other files that you need to run your business could also be affected. Data loss doesn’t always occur from some huge event, even small everyday accidents or situations can result in data loss. Some common scenarios that can cause data loss include:

Power failure – A power failure can cause you to lose data or can corrupt files that can’t be easily recovered.

Viruses and spyware – A single virus can decimate your computer and cause hard drive failure. Viruses and spyware can also corrupt your data or erase it entirely, after the virus or spyware has stolen your personal or financial information. Bluehost gives you free tools that will help you back up your data and protect you from spyware and viruses.

Human error – A new employee may accidentally delete valuable files that can’t be replaced. If you work at home a family member could start playing around with computer and delete information that you need to run your business. You could accidently delete information that you’re trying to save. There are hundreds of ways that human error can cause data loss.

Backing up your information off site using secure Bluehost storage is the best way to make sure that your data is always protected and always available. Bluehost storage is protected by state of the art security protocols that protect your data from outsiders as well as from the conditions that could cause data loss. So when you sign up for a Bluehost account you are getting more than just great web hosting, you are getting a personal, secure offsite storage space for your data that will enable you to rebuild your website, and your business, if something happens and you need to access copies of all your information.

How to Use Bluehost to Drive More Traffic to Your Website?

Bluehost gives customers free tools that can help you get more website traffic immediately. The biggest problem that website owners have is getting traffic to those sites. So when you switch to Bluehost web hosting for your website hosting, you will get instant access to plentiful tools that can help you drive more traffic to your site and help your business grow. Bluehost knows that as your business grows, theirs will too and they want to help you succeed. Here’s just a few of the free tools that Bluehost gives customers to help them get more traffic to their websites:

Stats – Knowing what terms people are using to search for your website, and where your website ranks among sites that sell similar products, and which pages people are clicking on and which ones they aren’t are all valuable pieces of information that will help you decide how to market your site. Based on this criteria, you can make decisions on which keyword to focus on. Other web hosting companies make you pay for stats packages in order to get access to that valuable information, but Bluehost gives it to customers for free with any regular hosting account.

Discounts – If you want to market your site and start using PPC to get targeted traffic, there are numerous bluehost discount coupon you can receive by signing up and using Google Ads, Bing or Yahoo Search Marketing. This is really helpful in getting customers started and goes a long way in providing value to the consumer.

Search Engine Submission – Bluehost will submit your website or websites to the biggest search engines for free in order to start getting your site indexed and ranked in the search engine results. Even if you don’t know anything about SEO, you can benefit immediately from increased search engine traffic thanks to Bluehost. Search engine optimization is the single best way to get new traffic to your website, and in addition to submitting your site to the major search engines for free, Bluehost also has dozens of articles and tutorials that you can access for free that will help you learn how to optimize your site. Take advantage of the advice of the free advice from search engine optimization experts that you get with a paid Bluehost account.

Building traffic to your site is crucial in respect to your business model. Without visitors, a web site has not much use, but with due time and diligence, you can achieve great success by receiving targeted traffic. Bluehost offers as many tools possible with every hosting account in order to make this an easier process to acquire customers.

A traffic-building strategy isn’t based on tricks or techniques, but on providing valuable and massive content. That will provide excellent value to any visitor and word will spread. Your website content should be worthy of being read by millions of people. And Bluehost Web Hosting equips you with the necessary tools to build content and market your website.

Linux Web Hosting – Growing Trend in Web Hosting

Choosing a Web Hosting server for your brand new website is always a challenging task. You need to choose it carefully so that you will not face any problems and to make sure that in future your web site runs smoothly all the time. The host operating system ensures that the server is up and stable. Let’s talk about what you need to know.

It is really tricky and difficult to choose between a Linux based server and a Windows based server as both have their own set of features. Here are some of the things you need to know about Linux Web Hosting and in what aspects does it differ from Windows hosting and the benefits you get if you opt for Linux based server.

Linux Web Hosting

To explain it in simple words, hosting servers that run on Linux Operating system along with database and other software are called Linux based servers, and the hosting is referred as Linux web hosting. The flexibility of Linux has made it a strong competitor for Windows servers. A Linux server is often designed to have a Linux Operating system using the Apache server software having a MySQL database and a PHP programming language. This is simply referred to as LAMP web hosting. Linux web Hosting is gaining rapid reputation these days, and the main reason for this is that it is open source and it supports PHP and MySQL completely. Linux hosting services can be used for nearly anything.

This service is probably what you want, as the vast majority of Web development tools like (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more are all designed for Linux.

Differences Between Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting

Many people argue that there are not many differences between Linux and Windows operating systems. Is that true? There are actually several differences, and we’ll explain them to you below.

Mainly, many top web hosting companies offer their hosting plan based on Linux operating system. InMotion, HostGator, BlueHost, and Web Hosting Hub are some of the web hosts name that offer Linux operating systems.

Price – The major difference between the two servers is in their prices. Windows operating systems are owned and developed by Microsoft, therefore any update to these servers should come from them. Because this is the case, it can be expensive to run Windows machines. Linux on the other hand is open source and is free to use. This is the main reason why Linux web hosting is cheaper than the Windows.

Make sure you check BlueHost for the best shared hosting plans for all users and run on Linux operating systems.

Supported Technologies – Scripting languages work efficiently with Linux. CGI and Perl can be used effectively on Linux machines. Though Windows also support CGI and PERL, the use is limited. Scripting languages like PHP is more often in Linux where as ASP is common in Windows.

Server Access and File Transfer – One important aspect in web hosting is the way you access the server and transfer files. You have FTP access with both Windows and Linux servers, but the later provides telnet or SSH access as well. Using FTP you can transfer files from your hard disk to the web server but by using telnet and ssh you can directly manipulate the files present in the web server itself.

Database Access – Databases are necessary for any website to run dynamically. Both Windows and Linux support different databases, and while MySQL and Access are common in Windows servers, MySQL is prominent in Linux systems.

Web Tools – Web Server software plays a crucial role in controlling the user access rights and delivering the website to the user. While Windows provides Internet Information Services to its users, Linux has Apache to take care of the Web services.

Downtime – Linux is well known for its stability when compared with its competitor Windows. Most of the minor updates in Windows require a server reboot where as most of the updates on Linux servers can be done without rebooting the server (however Linux systems sometimes have regular scheduled downtime). From a security stand point Windows still remains to be a vulnerable target to malicious virus attacks where as Linux systems are robust and are more secure.

Now that you know the differences between these two servers, let’s discuss the benefits you get from Linux Web hosting.

Benefits of Using Linux Web Hosting

Affordable Hosting Plan – As mentioned earlier every edition of Linux is open source and is free to use. This takes away the cost of operating system licenses from your hosting plan. This is the reason for much of the reduced costs for Linux web hosting resulting in price advantages for their customers and more profits for the hosting company.

Compatibility – Linux is compatible with other operating systems and software. A web site hosted on a Linux server can be easily hosted on a Windows server but hosting a Windows server on a Linux server is nothing but trouble. So it is always better to start using Linux Web hosting to avoid these problems in future.

Stability – Linux servers are known for their stability and performance. A website hosted on a Linux server typically has much better uptime and reliability

RELATED: Want to see the uptime for each of the hosts we recommend. We release uptime reports monthly.

Simplicity – Many people argue that setting up and maintaining a Linux server is complex, but the reality is something different. Linux servers have evolved and have become much more user friendly when compared to the past. Now it is very easy to maintain a Linux server.

Low Maintenance Costs – By hosting your website on a Linux server, you can be sure that you have minimum maintenance costs. Most of the upgrades are free and can be applied without downtime. There are many free desktop and other server applications that can be used effectively with Linux server. This brings down the costs of Linux web hosting further down (and keep in mind – when you host with one of our recommended hosts all this is included in your low monthly fee).

Though Linux Web hosting might not be the answer to all your web hosting problems it is definitely a better option than Windows web hosting because of its stability and compatibility. Linux Web hosting in now widely chosen by many people as it offers great features at affordable prices.

SEO Web Hosting – Can It Increase You Ranking?

SEO Web Hosting - Can It Increase You Ranking?
SEO Web Hosting – Can It Increase You Ranking?

If you are looking forward to creating a website that promotes your business or makes you money then the best way to do it is to get a lot of traffic to your website. The more traffic you get for your website the more income it should generate. In order to do this you need to be extra careful when choosing the type of web hosting service used to host your website. It is a known fact that your web hosting can be the “secret sauce” behind the success of your website. With the technological advancements being made in the world of web hosting, SEO hosting has become one of the most popular and well established topics of hosting services available these days. This article will give you an insight about SEO web hosting and the benefits you get from it.

SEO Web Hosting Explained

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which has to do with how the search engines read through the content of your site and ultimately rank it according to their search algorithm. Generally almost all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing ranks your website based on the number of sites that link to your website.

So if you have multiple domains with unique IP’s then you have a advantage of getting high search engine rankings. However search engines has the technologies that can determine whether all the sites that link to your site are hosted on the same server or not. If this is the case then these links will not be considered as valuable, and if Google thinks you’re involved in some sort or artificial linking scheme, you can be toast. In order to solve this problem many hosting companies like BigRock, BlueHost and HostGator came up SEO Hosting alternatives

Every server on the internet has an IP address which looks something like and these 4 sets of numbers are often called as ‘A’ class, ‘B’ class, ‘C’ class and ‘D’ class respectively. So a typical IP address is of the format A.B.C.D.

All the websites that are hosted by a particular server have the same set of ‘C’ class of IP’s. For example if you have two websites hosted on the same server then their IP’s would be like and Search engines can easily spot the cross links within the same ‘C’ class IP’s and eliminate them from the ranking algorithms. So in order to avoid this problem hosting companies started the concept of SEO Hosting where in they host all your websites on unique C class IP’s so that you can easily build your own cross linking. But again…your primary focus should be on building high quality, compelling content. Don’t spend your time trying to trick the search engines. Eventually, they’ll catch on, and then you’ll realize that all of that hard work that went into artificially boosting your site could have been spent on making great, compelling content that people would actually WANT to come back to read.

Benefits of SEO Web Hosting

There are many theories that claim SEO web hosting can help improve you rank – especially dedicated and C-Class IPs. Let’s discuss the benefits you get from SEO web hosting.

Build Your Own Network: The main benefit of SEO Web hosting is that it provides you multiple ‘C’ class IP addresses in a single account. With the help of these addresses you can maintain multiple blogs and have multiple links linking back to your main website. If search engine traffic is your major source of income then SEO hosting is the best bet for you as it allows you to build your own network of sites in a SEO friendly way.

Affordable and Easy: Generally you need to hire multiple hosts in order to build a cross linking network for your website. Managing multiple hosts simultaneously is very difficult and is also very expensive. SEO hosting, on the other hand, is very affordable and you can get started with a very minimal amount of investment (more on that in a minute).

IP Manager Application: The majority of hosting companies offer their customers an IP manager application which helps you in managing your multiple domains. As you will be managing numerous domain names in SEO hosting, this tool makes this task very easy and simple. Software like WHM and Interworx helps you to manage multiple domains effectively and you can focus more of your time on improving the content in your websites and blogs.

Powerful Networks: Companies that offer SEO hosting often opt for powerful networks. They often use networks like MCI, SEWIS, and Level3 which are the most powerful and reliable networks out there in the market. The majority of these hosting servers need very little maintenance, so all your websites will be up and running with great reliability. Over time, this will assist in higher rankings for your main website (not a primary factor in ranking, but important none-the-less).

Other benefits: SEO web hosting provides a lot of other benefits such as unlimited sub-domain, unlimited bandwidth and disk space. You get high quality 24*7 technical supports. Most of the hosting plans support PHP, MYSQL and lot more programming languages that help you to build a quality SEO network.

Can SEO Web Hosting Increase Your Website Rankings?

Not by itself, but it is very important. The main objective of SEO hosting is to increase the rank of your website in the search results. It is a well known fact that the higher the ranking the more traffic you will receive. By providing you multiple sites under one account and by offering you multiple unique class C ip’s spread across different geographical locations, SEO web hosting helps you in increasing the ranking of your website which ultimately helps you generate more income.

In today’s advanced world it is very important to rank well in the search engines and beat out your competitors. If you want your website to make it big in the market then SEO web hosting is one thing you need to keep in mind. SEO hosting helps you to have multiple sources of links which increases the exposure of your site.

If you looking to build your own network of sites and are still searching for the best web hosting companies, we recommend purchasing VPS hosting as alternative to SEO web hosting. With VPS server you can add multiple IP addresses (C class) to your account. For VPS servers we recommend you check out BigRock , Bluehost and HostGator, because these companies provide the best services in web hosting.

At the end of the day, there are many other way you can help improve your site rankings, and SEO web hosting is just one factor Search engine submission is another great way to increase your website rank, and BlueHost is one of the hosting companies that offer this additional site promotion service to their customers. Every new BlueHost web hosting plan comes with free search engine submissions to some of the most visited search engines.


Generally speaking, the companies that provide SEO hosting maintain high standards to their customers (and you can rest assured that ANY hosting company listed on our site has been thoroughly reviewed).

But if you are just getting started, shared hosting is the best choice for you because it provides all the features you need to run a good website. For shared web hosting make sure you check out BlueHost — our favorite shared hosting company.

Bluehost vs HostGator

Bluehost vs HostGator

We shall look at a detailed comparison between Bluehost Web Hosting and HostGator Web Hosting. Now that nearly everyone has a home computer, more and more people are building websites at home. Whether they need a site for business, or personal use, people are creating websites all the time. If they are not joining the internet with their own commerce site, than they may be choosing to start a photo album, or even a blog. The first step is to find a web hosting company that will cover all your needs. No two web hosting companies are the same, and what might fit for one person’s needs may not fit for the others.

When researching Bluehost vs Hostgator, people highly recommended both bluehost, and hostgator. They both offer unlimited space, unlimited file transfer, and unlimited hosted domains. These are great perks to choosing either host. Unlimited space is great with the unlimited bandwidth. In the past you had to purchase different domain packages for whatever project you were working on. That’s not the case anymore. If you want several, you only have to pay for one. That’s really an awesome added benefit. The unlimited file transfer is great for people uploading and downloading pictures, or other bigger files such as audio or video. This used to be a separate charge, but with bluehost and hostgator it’s free.

Both companies offer a great c-panel to help you manage your website project. You will be able to use it for web design, as well as managing all the different options through the control panel. You no longer need to be a big designer, or pay a ton of money to have your site designed professionally. There is software built into the c-panel that will help you build your site, and get it the way you want and need it. Very easy to use and creating something that looks as though you spent a good amount of money on.

When looking at the home pages of both sites, this is why it’s always important to make sure that you’re judging apples to apples. If you don’t, you may be disappointed when you don’t get what you deserve. The Bluehost web hosting plan is $3.95 a month versus the Hostgator’s Baby Web Hosting plan which is $3.75 a month. That is apples for apples

If you go further and research what each site has to offer, you’ll quickly realize that bluehost’s $3.95 is for all services they offer. Just one low price and you can get all the services. Hostgator offers three packages according to your needs. You would need to pick out the best package that fits your needs. Bluehost’s package is one big package that includes everything. There’s no need to choose which package will fit your needs, because all their options are rolled into one big package.

If you’re really not sure what you are going to need, or how you want to build both a business and a personal website, Bluehost offers a strong package which will have all the options that you need. No need to use two different packages. Bluehost is the best place to start when you’re ready to make your presence on the web be known.

Bluehost will assist you in getting your start on the web if you do not already have your own web address and will provide you with a free domain name, a site promotion package, a free blog and forum and you will receive outstanding 24/7 support.

Bluehost vs HostGator Web Hosting Comparison

Bluehost Web Hosting and Hostgator Web Hosting are two of the top web hosting providers in the web hosting industry. Here is a direct comparison sizing up all the features between the two web hosting giants…

1.Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
2. Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
3. Multiple Domains Yes Yes
4. Uptime Guarantee 99.9% 99.9%
5. Money Back 30 days 45 days
6. Price $3.95/month* $3.75/month*
7. Reviews Bluehost Reviews HostGator Reviews
8. Coupons Bluehost Coupon HostGator Coupon

Bluehost Web Hosting and Hostgator Web Hosting compare very closely, and in the end, they are both two of our favorites!