How to Get Your Hands on Domain Name Coupons

Domain names are relatively inexpensive these days but a discount here or there never hurt anyone.  Coupons provide customers with a way to register a domain name and related services at discounted prices.  Surprisingly enough, research conducted by various independent firms show that most webmasters are not aware of the coupons and promotional codes registrars offer to customers on a regular basis.  In this article we will let you know what types of discounts are available and how to find them.

Types of Domain Name Coupons

The coupons domain name registrars offer can be placed in many categories.  Some of the most common include:

Renewal Coupons – These usually come in the form of codes that can be applied when renewing your current domain name.

Transfer Coupons – You can use these coupons when transferring your domain name to a new registrar.

Additional Service Coupons – While their applications vary, the type of services you get with these coupons generally include webmaster tools, internet marketing solutions and SEO services.

Special Coupons – These coupons usually cover free domain privacy protection, SSL certificates, dedicated IP addresses and other competitive benefits.

Exclusive Coupons – These coupons are often issued to VIP customers or those who purchase domain names in bulk.  This basically means that someone who buys about 10 domain names at once can either get a discount on the initial purchase or when renewing their existing services.

Temporary Coupons – Hence the name, these coupons are temporary and only valid over a certain period of time.  Name Cheap is one registrar that offers a number of temporary domain name coupons on a regular basis.  Catch them at the right time and you can get a tremendous deal on service.

Permanent Coupons – Though more rare, permanent coupons can be found.  These are said to be valid for life and supposedly never expire.

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Closing Tips

As you can see, domain name coupons are out there; it’s all about finding them and making sure they are attached to a reliable registrar.  The closing tips in this article should help you search for and use these discount codes more effectively.

The first thing you should do is consider the coupons provided by the domain registrars you are interested in.  Thus, if you think BigRock can deliver the best service, do a little research to find out more about what they have to offer.  Aside from using the search engines, you may also want to look into more specific resources for domain name coupons.  There a number of sites online that are centered around this particular niche.  These sites generally allow you to compare discounts from different companies and select the one with the best offer.  You can also seek guidance in community forums where customers and webmasters discuss the latest domain coupons.  Once you find some valuable coupons and a registrar that offers a reliable service, you may want to subscribe to an automated web service such as RSS to receive important news regarding domain name coupons and discounts in the future.  This allow you to get the domain services you need as quick as possible.

Why Choosing an Ideal Domain Name is Critical

A domain name is one of the most essential parts of your web presence.  This is reflected in the fact that the so many of the good domains were snapped up long ago. Those which are available often go for unbelievable prices.  In the late 1990’s, getting a domain name was fairly easy, a little pricey but easy.  There were still catchy names available and businesses across various sectors were far less competitive.  Registering a domain has become extremely difficult in recent times and obtaining the one you want is never guaranteed.  This article will explain why you must register a good domain name in order to thrive on today’s internet.

Picking Your TLD:

Some say that the extension of TLD (Top Level Domain) is of little importance, some say it makes all the difference.  We happen to believe that those seemingly insignificant letters are very critical to your web presence.  There are many extensions you can choose from but .com is the cream of the crop.  Because the majority of web surfers are the most familiar with this extension, it gives you the best chance of increasing visibility through a blog, personal or business site.  If there is absolutely no chance of obtaining a .com domain, only then should you consider alternatives such as .net. and .org.

Keyword vs. Branding

There has been much debate about which type of domain provides the best results – one that contains a keyword or one focused on branding.  Implementing keywords will certainly give a boost to your rankings when targeted properly but it may limit your marketability.  If you’re looking to make your domain name the talk of your niche, optimizing it for search engines may not be the best move.  In this case, you can try to experiment with a few keywords to see if you can leverage the best of both worlds.

A Word on Numbers and Dashes

Unless you absolutely need them, it is advisable to refrain from inserting numbers into your domain name.  From an SEO standpoint, numbers have no prevalence and provide no value.  Although dashes are increasingly dropping in value, they are showing to be useful in regard to optimization.  With the right combination, a dash can help you create a domain name that is both catchy and search engine appealing.

Securing Your Name

After settling on a good name and finding yourself a reliable registrar, you may want to consider registering it for two or three years.  Why do this?  Because once you settle on something that fits, you want to hold onto it for as long as possible.  The longer your domain is active in cyberspace, the more familiar it will become with the search engines and prospects.  If not, you stand the risk of losing all you worked to build and having to start from scratch.  In addition, there is a great chance that your domain name will be snatched up by someone who can make more of it than you.  Domains are like endangered species so you can’t afford to let a good one slide by.

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Beginner’s Guide to SSL Certificates

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Secure Socket Layers (SSL) are protocols that permit the secure communication across points on the Internet. This allows web browsers to connect to websites and the servers they are hosted on. All trusted e-commerce hosting sites will utilize this technology to ensure their consumers are protected from phishing, hacking and other forms of data stealing. Therefore, for those attempting to establish an online business, it is critical to learn about BigRock SSL Certificates.

Domain Validation

There are a variety of options available in the e-commerce hosting marketplace that can be purchased with a monthly package. The type selected depends on the type of business. One type known as domain validation is the most inexpensive options and is only a small monthly charge with your primary plan. Domain validation only requires you to submit validation other than domain ownership which is an easy task to accomplish.

These can be easily acquired within a few minutes following the placement of a hosting order. This type of ssl certificate is available in 128 and 256 bit encryption. Unfortunately because this takes minimal effort, this certificate may not completely persuade your customer that your site is 100 percent safe and reliable.

Organization Validation

This type of SSL certificate is the one of the most secure. It is offered only in 256-bit encryption and typically purchased by large organizations concerned with developing a strong, trusting relationship with their customers. To purchase this certificate, organizational documents must be submitted and reviewed.  This type can cost hundreds of dollars per year but offers the ultimate trust factor for consumers.

Extended Validation

Extended validation provides the highest level of security and protection of customers amongst all SSL certificates. As a result it is the most expensive but worth every penny. For sensitive information such as medical records and banking information, this is the only options that should be selected. Also, if you have a hosted shopping cart, your customers will know you went the extra mile to protect their information.

For those entering the e-commerce industry, now that you are aware of the available options, it is best to select a certificate that best fits your needs. For those that believe an SSL certificate is not necessary to properly run an online business; think again. If a hacker penetrates the system and acquires access to all customer information, it could be the end of your online empire.

Search Engine Optimization with Sub-Domains

When looking to increase both the number of people being reached through a website as well as a site’s page rank, many website owners are utilizing multiple domains to backlink through. There is actually an easier, and of course less costly, way of doing this. It is possible to optimize a site for traffic and page rank by using sub-domains instead of buying multiple domain names.

Understanding Sub-Domains

The first thing to understand about a sub-domain is that they are not separate websites but a secondary domain under the main domain. Perhaps you have seen URLs that are in a format that looks like “” in which “” is the actual domain while “understanding” is the sub-domain. Search engines actually look at sub-domains as if they were an entirely separate website and the key benefit to the website owner is the greatly reduced cost involved. Not only is it necessary to buy the rights to each domain name but some web hosting companies charge extra for hosting multiple sites over a certain amount that comes with a package deal.

Sub-Domains for Niche Domination

Another key benefit to sub-domains is in the fact that it is possible to capitalize on a niche because each sub-domain will include the main keyword in the address. Since SEO centers on keyword optimization in the name of the domain, that keyword will always be in the sub-domain name. For example, a website might be named “” while the sub-domain might be called “” Every time someone searches for dolls that site gains rank as well as every time someone searches for handcrafted dolls. Then it would be possible to expand from there with other sub-domains such as “” or “” or even “” The point is that the search engines will not view those sub-domains as part of the primary domain which adds to the rank of the primary.

Proper Use of Sub-Domains

It really isn’t difficult to learn the proper use of sub-domains as it simply takes a bit of common sense and some good old fashioned creativity. The first thing to understand is that this is all about keyword optimization. It is important to choose sub-domain names that are as closely related to your main domain name as possible. Although this might sound like a silly example, you wouldn’t add a sub-domain like “” to “” unless you were selling delivery vans, that is! But you might use a sub-domain like “” or “” That is only common sense as the terms are closely related. The best way to create effective sub-domains is to research keywords and choose the most searched for dozen or so. Then simply narrow that list down to the keywords that most closely tie in to the product or service you are selling and you have an instant (and effective!) sub-domain.

You may find that it takes a bit of practice to find the right keywords that closely correlate to your main theme or niche, but after you get the hang of it you will find that it is much easier (and cheaper) working with sub-domains than it is to keep buying up separate domains. Remember, unless you have unlimited funds to work with there really is no reason to buy a ton of domain names. Search engines will see them as separate entities and you can accomplish the same SEO results with a sub-domain as you can with separate domains.

Speeding Up WordPress and Improving Site Performance

Most of us are aware of what WordPress is, however for those who don’t know about it, WordPress is a software program that helps to create many of the interesting and attractive websites that you see online. WordPress can be simply used by anyone; even by the newcomers and it has a huge number of attractive and useful features that also makes it alluring to use by the experienced webmasters.

Yes, it might sound very made-up to many but it has been predicted recently that WordPress will strive to become the most competent software of its type. Experts have also put forward a belief that in future other software blogging platforms may not be seen. However, you may read on to find out the position of WordPress in future.

It is known to all that WordPress is an open source program and this explains that it is open to all and not branded. Being an open source program, it allows hundreds of programmers and webmasters to eliminate malfunctioning and discordant coding.

Also, for those who do not believe in the fame and credibility of WordPress, it is a free software program and is one of the most operative SEO tools used for booting. I hope I have your attention now.

However, in order to have your website running and perform in the best possible way you need to take into consideration some tips and tricks that will enable you to have an effective WordPress created blog. It is also seen from Web surfers that they are infamous for being squat on attention spans. The average time that a web surfer spends on a website is 3-10 seconds. However, if you make use of WordPress to create an attractive, pleasing website, the time spent on your domain will definitely increase along with the increased amount of click-through traffic and sales. Also, with creating an attractive website you have to take care of the downloading speed because if a site takes a long time to open, no person would want to stay on it.

With WordPress, you can reduce the download time of your website through the useful tools, coding and different plugins. It all relates to cache and in order to optimize your WordPress page, you must employ WordPress caching options to the maximum. The kinds of caches that are present include database caches, server-side caches, consumer-side caches and many others. For those who don’t know what a cache is, it is a package of coding information that is saved in more appropriate places than in the utmost grasps of your server’s hard drive. With the help of this, the information that you request from the cyber coding void into a presentable layout on your computer screen becomes a fast procedure. The reason of it becoming fast is that you do not need to excavate through your complete hard drive to reload each and every image, article or graphic with every click.

Also, if you use the plugins sensibly you can reduce the loading time. You can choose from hundreds of plugins that are available on WordPress to make your website popular, but you must make sure not to over use them as they can also cause your download speed to smash.

Thus, a great website created on WordPress and being sure to optimize it fully, will eventually turn out to be a great looking and fast working site for you.

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