What recommends a first-class web hosting company?

The web hosting business can’t complain about having enough clients, success, or competition. With the ongoing growth of the Internet, both in terms of Internet services provided and Internet users, it is unconceivable for any kind of business to exist and expand without having its own web site and website designer.

Literally, there are hundreds of web hosting companies out there, each of them with multiple hosting packages. This translates into the constant possibility to switch companies whenever the results don’t match your expectations, but as always, it is much easier to get it properly done from the very beginning.

Generally, most web hosting providers are good at what they do; each of them comes up with all sorts of features and incentives to get more targeted traffic and clients. The challenge of choosing a first-rate web hosting service lies with the clients and this situation is rather confusing for many of them, particularly when basic knowledge of IT or web design are absent. But guess what? You don’t need to know all that; that’s what website designers are for. In evaluating various companies, there are several generic aspects that clients should look for, such as the company’s background, the guarantee offered, and the prices, of course.

To start with, it worth knowing that there are also free web hosting providers, in addition to those who charge their clients for the hosting services. Each has advantages and drawbacks, and the choice is entirely up to you. Free web hosting services are ok for personal web pages, but inadvisable for commercial purposes. If you intend to have an e-commerce site and promoting your business, here’s a piece of advice: don’t waste time on free website hosting. Usually, customers immediately turn away when they see a free hosting site. So, it’s better to pay and have your own personal site, which creates a big impression on everyone and a good feedback to you.

A reliable web hosting company should be in business for at least 3-5 years, and have a physical address and phone number posted on its web site. That could be a dependable indicator of the fact that the company is using leading edge technology and works with professional website designers, having in-depth knowledge of business processes and modern design. Website designers with marketing and sales experience are a great asset for your business as they know to properly develop a profit-driven website.

High quality business grade web hosting also needs super high quality and reliable servers together with web hosting support. 24/7 monitoring and service availability are very important since a web hosting service provider is the only one able to handle emergency situations just in the case the site goes down. Not many web design and web hosting companies can offer a money-back guarantee, although it is very important especially if you choose to switch companies. There are a few that makes it easy to do business with them, you just have to wisely hunt for. A good place to start is

I-net believes in backing up promises with real guarantees. This one-stop-shop for web hosting and Internet marketing solutions is recommended by brand name reliable servers and network equipment, quality network and server monitoring systems, redundant backup systems and professional website designers, experienced engineers and server administrators, who can anticipate potential problems and emergencies.

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Moving Towards Dedicated Hosting Service

A Dedicated Hosting Service is also referred to a dedicated server or managed dedicated server hosting. It is one specific type of internet website hosting service which is used to get the concerned website files uploaded and have their website displayed online. Dedicated hosting services are mostly needed by clients who have large websites that generate high volumes of traffic. The two most common reasons for a dedicated server, is to enjoy the benefits of large bandwidth usage and good performance. In a dedicated hosting service, a specific server is used for a website. The hosting company that offers dedicated hosting service takes care of servers, software’s and other requirements. Dedicated hosting service involves high cost. The hosting company has to make a considerable investment in hardware and software. Also, it requires more investment in training and skills development of their staff. The hosting company has also to remain updated with the latest developments in hardware and software. In a dedicated web hosting service, the client need not bother to control the hardware or software that is required to run the server. Also, the client does not have to employ any technical resources in order to maintain the hardware and software. It is the dedicated hosting provider who is responsible for having a technical support staff which will be available around the clock to immediately take care of problems and assure that the server is up and it is working at all times. The website uptime can be enhanced by on-site support and monitoring results. Uptime can be considered as the percentage of time that the website is running. If the sites uptime is long enough, then the sites reliability also gets increased.

All the above mentioned functions are the sole responsibility of the dedicated hosting provider. That is why a dedicated hosting service costs considerably more than a shared hosting service. A dedicated hosting server provides more flexibility for a company that needs such hosting service. At times, certain companies with a growing web presence will hesitate to make the move to a dedicated server hosting arrangement. This is because they are under the impression that dedicated servers have to be housed and managed on-site. In reality, most of the websites that depends on dedicated servers are situated on the premises of the managed dedicated hosting company. It provides round the clock maintenance and support. In a managed dedicated server hosting, the hosting client can ensure themselves that they are the only one using the server and that it is 100% specifically used for their website needs only. This eliminates the possibility of potential downtime which could take place on account of another website that is on the same server. Also, there might be security issues, as well. However, in a dedicated hosting service, the proprietary information and customer databases are protected by special data safety method.

Hosting companies that offer dedicated hosting service are mostly big and more established than companies that only offer shared hosting. Small web hosts usually do not have the financial or technical muscle to provide dedicated hosting. It requires big investment and also knowledge to manage it. A shared hosting is normally used by a company which is new or has a small presence on the internet. However, if the traffic is big and the complexity of the website is growing, then a dedicated server hosting account is highly recommended.

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Setup Custom Domain For Blogger With BigRock

What is a Blog?

After you create a new blog, the URL of the sub-domain which belongs to the blogger, appears like ‘’. However, if you are not willing to suffix BlogSpot, or are looking for a sophisticated domain name, then you need to customize your domain so that the URL to your blog appears like ‘’ instead of your earlier ‘’. For further information, take a look at exactly what is a domain name and how to customize it with BigRock.

In this article we discuss how to use a Bigrock domain to customize your blog URL. Bigrock being world’s leading web hosting and domain Registration Company, makes it trusted network.

Before we proceed to the procedure to customize your domain name, we suggest you to purchase a domain name from bigrock using an available Discount coupon code.

The Step by step easy method to set up blogger custom domain:

  • Set up a Bigrock Account.
  • Log in to your account and select the list order option from the given menu bar. After that you can choose a domain name which you wish to configure.
  • Select a Manage DNS link after clicking on DNS Management on your domain from a suitable pane.
  • Then establish ‘A Records’ of the domain using ‘Add Address A Records’ tab. This will create four different A records for you are utilizing these IPs one after the other:

  • Leave the host name column blank, and use the above listed IPs in the destination IPv4 Address and apply the TTL value 28800.
  • Once you create four different A Records, you need to Cname your domain
  • From the Cname records column tab, select Add Cname record www in the Name box and enter the value TTL 28800 and ‘’. Now you need to save your chosen cname record.

On completion of the above steps, you are done setting a domain your blog. Confirm your identity and verify your authority on both the domains. 

Domain Setup and verification of Blog:

Log in to your account, and choose the blog from which you want to set as a domain name.

Point on Setting Tab > Basic > Publishing Blog Address > Add Custom Domain name > Switch to Advanced Settings, type your desirable custom domain name (URL) in the provided box, and click on save button.

In order to verify the approval of the domain name, create another cname record in Domain DNS.

Simply type the cname, as we add ‘’ and ‘www’, there is no need to create it all over again. But remember to create cname using verification codes only.

The first code should be used the Name box and the Second long code goes in the Value Box of Cname, and then insert TTL 28800.

After you done with all the above stated steps, it will take few hours to update DNS settings and verify your blog.

Once it is verified, again add in the domain name by switching the custom settings in your blogs.