Bluehost Makes it Easy to Create Your Own Webpage

Bluehost can save small businesses thousands of dollars in Web design fees. Bluehost offers a wide range of professionally designed Website templates that can be used by businesses to create effective, functioning Websites that look great and are easy to use. Bluehost design templates allow businesses to customize the template of their choice with a company logo and other information so that your business Website can be unique but you don’t have to spend a lot of money hiring a professional Web designer. Bluehost templates are built to work seamlessly with popular shopping cart and eCommerce applications so that you can build a great retail Website all for the low cost of a Bluehost hosting account.

Having a great Website is critical to being successful on the Web. If the Website you’re using isn’t designed well customers won’t want to stay and shop and they won’t recommend the site to others. If the site doesn’t function well, customers won’t be able to buy. The biggest Website mistakes that annoy customers are:

Using too many graphics – Website designers love to show off their skills using Flash animation and lots of graphics but customers don’t care for sites that don’t load quickly. Some customers may be using slow Internet connections that can get hung up trying to load a site that is graphic heavy. If your site has too many graphics and animations customers may get sick of waiting for the site to load and surf away. Bluehost hires designers who are experienced and know how to create designs that are professional looking and business appropriate. You won’t find any design templates on Bluehost that look like they were designed by students looking for extra credit.

Too much clutter – Customers hate clutter. If there are too many items on a page screaming for a customer’s attention the customer will just leave rather than try to sort through everything. A clean, clutter free Website design is the best way to invite customers to browse the pages and shop. Bluehost’s professionally designed templates are built with the customer in mind by designers who know what customers are looking for when they are shopping online.

Tools that don’t work – If a shopping cart, credit card processor or other eCommerce tools on your site don’t work, your customers will lose confidence in your business. A site that doesn’t work sends the message that your business is disorganized and unprofessional and customers won’t want to spend their money buying from a website they can’t trust. Bluehost’s easy to use templates are designed and built to work with popular eCommerce tools so you can plug and play eCommerce applications easily.

Not giving contact information – If the website design doesn’t have the company’s name, location and contact information prominently displayed it sends a bad message to consumers. Customers want to know that they can reach the company with their concerns or questions and they also want to know where the company is located. That usually gives buyers more peace of mind. Bluehost templates can help you create pages that give your company information and tell customers how to contact you when they need help or have questions.

Author: Prasad Shirsekar

I have more than 10+ year of Experience in Digital Marketing.

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