Bluehost Vs BigRock Review – 2020

bluehost vs bigrock review

This Bluehost Vs BigRock Review is dedicated to enlighten you a bit with web hosting. With tons of different web hosting service providers it can be daunting task when it comes to picking which one is right one you need.

In order to meet your personal or business needs on the web, you need to decide for a reliable hosting company in setting up your own website. Nowadays, there have been a lot of web hosting companies that are available in the industry. But only a few of them have been known as the most reliable we hosting companies.

Bluehost and BigRock are one of the most widely used web hosting services for WordPress user that have been really good in terms of service and customer support. Bluehost as one of the more popular of these two, who has over 2 million hosted websites today since it was founded in the year 1996, and the other is BigRock who has over 30 thousand hosted websites since year 2010.

Let’s start in comparing the general overview of the two web hosting companies mentioned above:


  • Free .com domain
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited traffic


  • Very low prices
  • Service back-up by guarantees
  • 24 hour support
  • Simple web building tools

To better understand about which is better between Bluehost and BigRock, let our review provide you some additional information of services and features offered by both Bluehost and BigRock web hosting.

Who’s more reliable and popular?

Even though Bluehost is much older than BigRock, still Bluehost is the more popular one here, since it has over 2 million hosted websites now.

In addition, Bluehost is also known as one of the most popular web host on the web and has gained great customer support in the industry because of its excellent performance to its clients.

Bluehost has more positive reviews and comments from users compared to BigRock.

Therefore, the winner for this one would be the Bluehost.

Let us learn more about who’s better from the discussion below with this Bluehost vs BigRock Review, shall we.

Who’s cheaper?

One of the factors that the customers are looking for in choosing the right web hosting provider is the price. Of course it is more advantage if it is cheaper. However, customers must need to remember that in any product, it doesn’t matter if it cost too much as long as it offers good service and satisfy the needs of every user, it is still an important aspect.

Though both Bluehost and BigRock web hosting services offer affordable and cheaper prices, still one is bound to be more affordable than the other.

Both Bluehost and BigRock web hosting services are both belong to the most popular type of web hosting, which is the Shared Hosting. This is the least expensive type of web hosting. For Bluehost, it costs $3.49 per month which includes an unlimited bandwidth 100 gb of disk space. While for BigRock, it only costs $1.79 per month including the 1gb bandwidth.

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Obviously, the winner for this one would be the BigRock since it is more affordable. Also, BigRock offers numerous of coupon discounts compared to Bluehost.

Who has more support?

In choosing the right web hosting provider for your website, you should make sure that the hosting service that you have chosen is capable of supporting your website throughout the way. Between the two web hosting services, Bluehost is surely one of the most reliable hosting companies that seriously offer specific benefits to its clients. Customers of Bluehost are guaranteed to receive a solid technical support. Support teams that would always address to the problems and demands of its customers in a very pleasant way.

The fact that Bluehost is more reliable and popular than BigRock, there are also numerous of good documentation and tutorials all over the web for Bluehost compared to BigRock; which should make it easier for new customers to choose Bluehost over BigRock.

Although Bluehost has a bit of advantage over BigRock, it is still depends on satisfying its clients and meeting their needs.

Who has better uptime guarantee?

The final round of Bluehost Vs BigRock Review.

There are many web hosting providers around the web that offer great services. However, most of them fail when it comes to better uptime guarantee.

Bluehost offers one of the best uptime guarantees in all web hosting providers. With Bluehost , users will never have any bad experiences. You will get a chance to experience a 100% uptime guarantee. While in BigRock, they offer a much lesser uptime which is 99.21%. With this small amount of difference, both Bluehost and BigRock companies’ shows that they have both great uptime guarantee but the sites hosted by Bluehost are obviously have more uptime as compared to sites hosted by BigRock.


The conclusion of this Bluehost vs BigRock Review is that Bluehost has a bit of an advantage compared to BigRock.

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