Bluehost vs HostGator

Bluehost vs HostGator

We shall look at a detailed comparison between Bluehost Web Hosting and HostGator Web Hosting. Now that nearly everyone has a home computer, more and more people are building websites at home. Whether they need a site for business, or personal use, people are creating websites all the time. If they are not joining the internet with their own commerce site, than they may be choosing to start a photo album, or even a blog. The first step is to find a web hosting company that will cover all your needs. No two web hosting companies are the same, and what might fit for one person’s needs may not fit for the others.

When researching Bluehost vs Hostgator, people highly recommended both bluehost, and hostgator. They both offer unlimited space, unlimited file transfer, and unlimited hosted domains. These are great perks to choosing either host. Unlimited space is great with the unlimited bandwidth. In the past you had to purchase different domain packages for whatever project you were working on. That’s not the case anymore. If you want several, you only have to pay for one. That’s really an awesome added benefit. The unlimited file transfer is great for people uploading and downloading pictures, or other bigger files such as audio or video. This used to be a separate charge, but with bluehost and hostgator it’s free.

Both companies offer a great c-panel to help you manage your website project. You will be able to use it for web design, as well as managing all the different options through the control panel. You no longer need to be a big designer, or pay a ton of money to have your site designed professionally. There is software built into the c-panel that will help you build your site, and get it the way you want and need it. Very easy to use and creating something that looks as though you spent a good amount of money on.

When looking at the home pages of both sites, this is why it’s always important to make sure that you’re judging apples to apples. If you don’t, you may be disappointed when you don’t get what you deserve. The Bluehost web hosting plan is $3.95 a month versus the Hostgator’s Baby Web Hosting plan which is $3.75 a month. That is apples for apples

If you go further and research what each site has to offer, you’ll quickly realize that bluehost’s $3.95 is for all services they offer. Just one low price and you can get all the services. Hostgator offers three packages according to your needs. You would need to pick out the best package that fits your needs. Bluehost’s package is one big package that includes everything. There’s no need to choose which package will fit your needs, because all their options are rolled into one big package.

If you’re really not sure what you are going to need, or how you want to build both a business and a personal website, Bluehost offers a strong package which will have all the options that you need. No need to use two different packages. Bluehost is the best place to start when you’re ready to make your presence on the web be known.

Bluehost will assist you in getting your start on the web if you do not already have your own web address and will provide you with a free domain name, a site promotion package, a free blog and forum and you will receive outstanding 24/7 support.

Bluehost vs HostGator Web Hosting Comparison

Bluehost Web Hosting and Hostgator Web Hosting are two of the top web hosting providers in the web hosting industry. Here is a direct comparison sizing up all the features between the two web hosting giants…

1.Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
2. Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
3. Multiple Domains Yes Yes
4. Uptime Guarantee 99.9% 99.9%
5. Money Back 30 days 45 days
6. Price $3.95/month* $3.75/month*
7. Reviews Bluehost Reviews HostGator Reviews
8. Coupons Bluehost Coupon HostGator Coupon

Bluehost Web Hosting and Hostgator Web Hosting compare very closely, and in the end, they are both two of our favorites!

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