Building a Custom CMS for Reseller Hosting

Content Management Systems are the new standard in website management and development. In fact, many people would not be able to run their website without a CMS. These user-friendly, comprehensive management systems allow even the most novice user to carry out tasks that would otherwise be impossible. Even better, there are new features being added to every CMS daily, as most of them are open source software. This means that anyone is free to expand and enhance the software openly. Creating your own custom CMS is a distinct possibility to consider when starting a reseller hosting business, as it will allow you to effectively rebrand your business.

The Base of Your CMS

Instead of foolishly starting from scratch, there are a variety of open source content management systems that you can pull inspiration and source code from to create your own CMS. The method of creation really depends on what you’re trying to do with the CMS and/or your website. If you simply need to rebrand and redesign the user interface of the CMS to make it look unique to your hosting service then you can use any open source CMS and enhance it to your liking. In fact there is software available that will let you create your own CSM within a simple user interface.

Hiring a Coder to Help You with the CMS

Reseller hosting providers understand the importance of authority and branding, so many of them provide tools that will help you design interfaces such as the control panel. However, the CMS cannot be edited with these tools, which means you would need to hire a coder to help you with this task. There are many freelancing sites online such as Rent-a-Coder and BigRock Coupon that will help you find qualified programmers and developer to assist you in your project. Perhaps the most commonly used site is BigRock Coupon, as it provides an escrow system that can be sued to maintain trust an order during a project. The simplest way to create a desirable CMS using the help of a coder is to tell them what you want the CMS to look like, and continually work on the project in conjunction with your developers.

Using your Custom CMS as a Selling Point

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of having your own content management system created is the fact that you can use this unique software to generate interest and attract potential customers. In the reseller hosting industry it is very important to separate yourself form your provider, as you don’t want to appear to be a middleman. Having a custom CMS that is specifically branded by your company can help you improve sales rates and establish instant authenticity, instilling confidence and trust in prospective clients. Adding or emphasizing features that are not commonly seen in other content management systems will help you distinguish your hosting plans from those offered by the thousands of other hosting providers on the internet. Having control over your CMS also gives you the opportunity to provide frequent updates, which is another advantageous feature for your clients to enjoy.

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