While surfing the net, you may have come across the term ‘Cookies’ quite often. Cookies are nothing but small files that are stored on your computer, by every website that you visit on the internet. They help us in identifying you, the next time you visit our website.

Why are they used?

For those of you who are wondering, cookies are not really harmful. All they do is help us keep track of our visitors and their preferences. In a way, they help us in serving you better, as we get a fair idea of your choices and selections. Accordingly, we then bring you suitable deals, offers and services.

Also, when you visit any particular retail website and use our coupons to make any purchases, the cookies we stored on your computer help us get a commission from the retailer, as they come to know that you made a purchase on their website through us. However, some retailers may not pay us any commission. But we will still bring you the best deals as per your predilections, because our primary aim is to serve you better and help you save money.

We also use cookies when you register with us. This helps us improve or modify the appearance of our website as per your inclination. Nevertheless, if you ever wish to delete or block our cookies, you can do so by changing the browser settings on your computer.