Create Your Web Presence With A Great Domain Name & Good Web Hosting Provider

Before you start an online business, the two most important decisions that you need to make is choosing an easy to remembered domain name and a good web hosting provider. A good domain name must represent your business no matter your business is new or existence for a years. Meanwhile, choosing a web hosting provider is like choosing your “home” – it must be good, affordable and suited your needs.

The Successful website usually had a great domain name with good web hosting provider that support the site. Here a simple tips to choose a domain name and web hosts.

Search for a Good Domain Name and Register

Many know that over of all online traffics come from search engines – it depends on your content, keywords, services or products that you offered. The most important factor is the keywords you use and optimized for search engines. When it come to search engines optimization (SEO) many believe that if you include keywords into your web domain, you almost will rank higher than your competitors that offer the same service or product.

Besides that, you should pick a domain name that represents your business, your works, your product or your service – don’t forget short domain name and easy to remember domain name is one of the best practices in choosing domain name. If you already had your domain name, now it is time to register it using a domain registrar like Go Daddy or BigRock. We also recommend checking out BigRock for the some of the best prices in domain names. Or you can choose to register the domain with your hosting company.

Now you are a step away from creating your website – you already complete the first part – plan, research and register the domain name. It’s time to choose a good web hosting provider to host all your files.

Avoid Free Web Hosting

When it comes to hosting for your business website or your professional company site you must keep in mind that you must avoid free web hosting. The term “free” symbolized many things and not all free offer is good.

There a great number “free web hosting” services available online. However, these services are not always reliable and often include ads and pop-up in their free hosting plans to offset their cost. In addition, they set limits on features, visitor allowance, and disk space. If you really want to create a successful business website, make sure you avoid free web hosting.

Good Web Hosting Providers – What to Look for

There are thousands of web hosting companies in the industry screening for business. To ensure you make the best decision for you business, consider the points mentioned here.

Reliability– How often your site will be unavailable, down, and cannot reach out? Reliability or uptime is of vital importance in choosing a web host and one of the important factors that you should carefully considered before choosing a host. For business websites, this is even more important than personal.

When a website is down it may be irritating for a personal website but it can translate to hundreds, even thousands of dollars in revenue lost for businesses – you can easily spot bad web hosting signals if your site is always down. Make sure that your hosting company would be able to guarantee you at least 99.5% – 99.7% uptime to keep the flow of your online business. This has been the standard for several years and continues on for web hosting in 2012.

Therefore you must understand that reliability and uptime guarantee play an important role when it comes to select a hosting plan for your online business.

Price – When it comes to free, cheap or affordable web hosting in choosing web hosting providers it often involves a price consideration. To get the best services and price you should research the cost by comparing the each company prices. But keep in mind, all price tags that being advertise follow the rules of disk space, bandwidth and based on the available features in the plan. So make sure you narrow your choices to the ones that have the features you want first then compare like features. Choose the best combination of cost and features.

Here our top web hosting recommendation, that offer affordable prices and reliable services:

Make sure you compare each plan – see all the features, prices and other user reviews. Select the best that suited your needs. In your search for a good web hosting provider, you can take a time to analyze each company.

Customer Service – when talking about customer service, sure you will think about the type of support that will be offered by your hosting company. Usually customer services may include pre-sales question, technical support, billing and phone support. Many web hosts have a variety of customer supports to answer and solve your problem. Choose the host that has the best combination of options that you feel will suit your needs best.

Above are the top three guides that you can use on your search for reliable and best web hosting for your business website. You also can look at the company stability, space, bandwidth and security options that are being offered before you subscribe to any web hosting plan. Need more information and web hosting guide, make sure you read 10 point checklist when choosing a Web Host.

What we mention in this article are the best practices that you can use to create a good web presence in online world. Briefly, you can use the step above as a simple guide on how to choose a domain name and good web hosting provider.

Author: Prasad Shirsekar

I have more than 10+ year of Experience in Digital Marketing.

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