Difference between PPC Traffic & Organic Traffic

The sole concern of every website owner when they launch a website is to drive traffic to the website. There are two ways of driving traffic to your website. One is through SEO or search engine optimization which is called organic traffic and the other is through paid traffic generation strategies such as PPC or pay per click program. This article will discuss the difference between PPC traffic and organic traffic.

PPC traffic is instant. As long as you know how to set up your PPC program correctly you will be able to drive traffic to your website within minutes. Organic traffic generation on the other hand takes a considerable amount of time. Generating organic traffic is a very elaborate process called search engine optimization. You will have to get help from experienced SEO service provider to implement SEO for your website. Implementation of SEO to your website will take a few days but to see the actual results you need to wait for a number of weeks. With PPC that is not the case, once you set up your PPC campaign you will start getting visitors the same day.

With PPC you pay for every single visitor that comes to your website. Every time someone clicks your PPC ad and comes to your website, your PPC program will charge you. You are free to set your daily budget and the cost for each click. Based on the amount of money you are willing to spend on your clicks PPC programs will place your links in the appropriate sources. To drive highly targeted customers you need to choose the right keywords and optimize your ad copy carefully so that you get only visitors that are highly prospective. If you are careless here, you are likely to lose a lot of money on useless clicks. You can stop your PPC campaign anytime. Once you stop your campaign your visitor traffic will also stop instantly.

With organic traffic, though the waiting period is a bit long you will be able to get lasting results. You need not have to pay for every visitor here. Moreover, the visitor’s traffic is more targeted provided proper keyword research is undertaken prior to your website’s SEO. To ensure that retain the top ranking that you get, regular maintenance is required. Continual link building efforts are also required here to keep your website on top and to fight the increasing competition.

Most webmasters use PPC traffic go give their website a kick start and use the PPC traffic as a supportive strategy. Organic traffic generation is the most webmaster’s long term goal. Successful webmasters try to blend both approaches, increase their PPC spending as and when required as in the case of peak sales season. PPC traffic and organic traffic need not be mutually exclusive; these two approaches can co-exist without any problem. Highest rates of success is enjoyed when both strategies are used simultaneously rather than taking ‘one or the other’ approach.

Newly launched websites initially try to take advantage of PPC traffic until organic traffic generation strategies start yielding results.


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