Differences between Shared Hosting Servers and Dedicated Hosting Servers

Servers are integral in web hosting since hosting allows websites to exist online either for entrepreneurial or personal use. The first and foremost thing needed to be done when considering a web hosting provider is to choose a domain name. After which, the domain name needs to be submitted for registration to make sure that the name is not shared with any other website online. The options available for a client in web hosting include shared web hosting service, VPS hosting, and finally dedicated web hosting.

Web hosting is typified according to the extent of command and the level of accountability that the website owner will have during the course of the existence of his site. However this article will talk at length on the classification of servers in hosting, and this includes shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting.

What Shared Hosting Servers Is All About

In shared hosting, several running websites share a common server. This server has a specific capacity and disk space, and these are further divided into smaller portions for the individual sites that are hosted therein. This type of hosting doesn’t boast of too much bandwidth and capacity, which is why this is more ideal for start-up businesses, personal sites, and other websites that don’t anticipate monumental traffic. Servers which are shared are often chosen by e-business novices.

In an arrangement involving the shared servers, the website owners have very little or not control with the servers, and are typically dependent on the web hosting company for technical support. The hosting company chosen by the clients manages and maintains the servers on a technological level, and is held responsible for any problem in security and software systems.

Not all web hosting businesses offer the package of including windows hosting for their clients, although this is definitely not impossible. It can be done through any of these: name based hosting and IP based web hosting. The difference basically lies in the number of names allowed to be assigned in each IP. In name based, a sole IP can accommodate more than one name, while in IP based an IP is allocated exclusively for one website.

What Dedicated Hosting Servers is All About

Unlike having a common server in the case of shared web hosting, a single server is assigned for a single and specific website. No other websites can share in the space and bandwidth of that server. This means that in dedicated hosting, the client has more exclusive access to the server, and enjoys a greater level of control and security. The website will experience greater ease in the transportation of data, choice of software, and access to control panels.

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In this classification of server for hosting, the client is given absolute authority and accountability over his site. In this manner, the website owner can have more freedom in the organization of his e-business. Appropriate supervision over the website is necessary, as well as the resolution of whatever complications. Dedicated servers are typically favored by big businesses and institutions that need more security and capacity in their daily transactions.

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