Top 10 High DA Free Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2020 – 【100% Working】

Social bookmarking Sites is a very effective SEO strategy that is also found to greatly help websites in building online popularity. Thousands of websites all over the world have been found to be implementing social bookmarking strategy for its multiple benefits. Social bookmarking submission involves the posting of Title & short description with your website URL on high quality social networks, which are used by thousands of people as an outlet to chat and relax online. The comments that are posted on such social networks will include the website URL of the resource website. This helps in establishing a link from the social network websites and adds value to the link network of the resource website. Moreover, the implementation of social bookmarking sites is greatly influential in helping the website gain high visibility and popularity among the online users, who use the social bookmarking websites for finding new information. Implementation of social bookmarking sites also has multiple benefits that help the website, in general, to improve its performance tremendously in search engine results.

Social bookmarking Submission is one of the latest SEO strategies that is both found to be highly result- oriented and is also, highly cost effective. We offer professional social bookmarking sites is free of cost to submit. This helps the websites in benefiting through many ways. All the quality content that will be posted will definitely include your websites URL. All posts are relevant to the discussions on the forums. New strings of discussion will be opened with a link to the source website. This will help the website in performing better in social networking results. The online popularity that the website will gain will also be tremendous, as thousands of people using the social networks viewing the website and visiting the website.


Social Bookmarking Sites Best SEO Benefits:-

  • Search engine friendly Social Bookmarking Submission process.
  • Get backlinks from high quality Bookmarking Websites.
  • Quality is updated as per new search engine guidelines.
  • Use your choice of Keywords for Social Bookmarking submission.
  • The manual submission process will help you to produce high returns from Social Submission.
  • Website Inner pages are allowed, so you can promote your website inner pages/product pages and service pages.
  • You will get approved listing from Social bookmarking submission Lists.
  • Improve your search engine ranking with Social Bookmarking.
  • Your link will start appearing in all major search engines.
  • Increased Visibility & Branding.
  • Promote your blogs or website in front of millions of online people.
  • Enhanced your website popularity among social groups.
  • Most Effective viral marketing strategy for your business.
  • Build up Social Network Exposure.
  • It will help your Websites, Blogs, Articles, Videos, etc. to Get Listed on top social bookmarking submission sites.

Social Bookmarking Sites Features:-

  • Submissions to top social bookmarking sites.
  • This will ensure your link to get indexed.
  • Save your Precious Time.
  • All the Links Will be Public Viewable (No Private, Login Locked or Personal Bookmarking Sites).
  • Can avail 100% manual submissions.
  • Accession of top quality PR sites on submitted links.
  • Links without reciprocal links.
  • Submit your website to only SEO-friendly bookmarking sites.
  • Get relevant links.
  • Bookmarking your link manually without using software.

How Social Bookmarks can help your website ?

Social Bookmarking websites were having very good time in 2020. While webmasters were trying their own ways to get traffic from these websites, the visitors from these websites were satisfied with the news and bookmarks they found from these websites.

Why did this social bookmarking concept become so popular ?

The concept is great and there are many reasons for this concept picking up so fast. Three main things I feel are listed below.

  1. People want to see what others like. On internet, most visitors are trying to find out what is best and best way to find out this is to see the views of others.
  2. People do not have much to do, so they try to find something interesting and these websites provide some interesting and new things happening all over the world.
  3. Webmasters realized that these social bookmarking websites can bring in very good traffic. Specially, websites like Digg / Reddit and Delicious can bring in high traffic with little effort. So webmasters placed links to these websites on every post and article on their website. These websites gained link popularity and even got more and more visitors from each website.

Social Bookmarking websites can be used in the following ways to promote your website.

  1. Write something interesting and start a blog on the topic you know well. If people find it interesting, you will have dedicated readers and they will share your website with others.
  2. Post your stories on Social Bookmark websites and you will get your website spidered easily by Website Crawler like Googlebot, Yahoo Slurp and MSNbot.
  3. If your story get some votes (this is not going to happen in start), then you can expect some traffic for your website and these people may come to your website again if the content is interesting.
  4. Make some friends on these social bookmarking websites and they will vote for your stories. This is usually a kind of barter where you will vote for them and they do for you. This will be a bit time consuming thing.

But, I would like to add one very important thing here. Only think of promoting your website using Social Bookmarking if you think that you have something which is interesting. Your website should be offering something good that people would love to read or watch. If your website is just some general website like millions of others on internet, they social bookmarking won’t help your site. You will only waste time and only benefit will be search engine robots coming to your website.

Top 10 High DA Free Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2020

  1. Reddit
  2. StumbleUpon
  3. Dribble
  4. Delicious
  5. Digg
  6. We Heart It
  8. Slashdot
  9. Diigo
  10. MetaFilter
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