A Guide to Help Move a Website to a New Host

If you are one of those people who only, recently, purchased a website, you must be wondering how to move the website to a new host. The frightening point is if something will go wrong, the site will not be available for days. One of the main reasons to be concerned about, for a webmaster, is the downtime. If the website faces frequent or prolonged downtime, it could seriously hurt its chances of creating a name for itself. Not only will the search engines discard the website from their rankings, the site will also drop valuable traffic.

In order to avoid facing downtime when switching web hosts, a few techniques have been developed by experts. Mentioned below is a list of things you need to be aware of.

  • Previous and latest ftp server logins.
  • CPanel or web hosting logins, from previous and latest web host.
  • MySQL logins, MySQL user and database information.
  • Website admin interface logins.
  • Logins for the previous and old web hosting provider.

Following is a comprehensive guide facilitating you to change the server of your website with ease.

Downloading Information:

The first thing to do is, have a backup of the entire information consisting of all the web files and databases. Next, link up with the ftp server and start downloading all the files to a computer. Make use of a cPanel or any other hosting panel and set up a backup for your database. This process is time consuming; however, it is just the time you need to start working on the new hosting account.

Developing the Hosting Account:

Start, by configuring the hosting account, during the downloading of information. The entire account setup including the quotas, ftp login, MySQL, database, etc, come under it. Once the data backup is finished, the next action is ready to be performed.

Uploading Information:

Start uploading all the information to the new web host, as soon as downloading completes.

Modifying Host Files:

The host files can be modified to display the IP address of the new server. This is, usually, done for experimentation. At this point, the domain name of the new web host is unavailable due to the name-servers displaying the previous host. To solve this, you need to modify host files. Once that is done, the website with the domain name on the new host is on hand, for use.

Swapping Name Servers:

Once the experimentation process is over and everything is clear, use the domain registrar to open the domain name on the new host and swap name servers, so that, they display new server and not the old one. The entire process takes around 48 hours, which can be used to experiment various other aspects of the sites like proxies or virtual private networks.

Just to be on the safe side, hold on to the information on the old domain name for a while, in case you need it. Moreover, make sure the backup of the downloaded information is easily accessible, if the need arises.

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