Guidelines to Write Content for Social Media Website

Guidelines to Write Content for Social Media Website

People often refer to social media websites as a place for social interaction. However, websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are revolutionary creations and can do more than just help you maintain your circle.

Facebook, being the most popular form of communication, can help you spread the word about a company and its services. Knowing how to write content for different social media websites can come in handy. You can radically transfigure the operations of an organization through proper choice of words.

Consider these 8 tips to master the art of writing content for social media websites –

1) Write for the users

You must be well aware that visitors usually do not log on to Facebook or Twitter to buy products. They come online after a long day’s work to catch up on the activities they missed out. Initially, connecting with such audiences might seem like an improbable task, but the challenge is obtainable. Keep the posts short and to the point. Avoid overstuffed explanations and technical jargons.

2) Do not exhibit

People on social media come to interact & have fun. Don’t try to be pompous or over-exhibit your products. Be conversational & social, people will come looking for you!

3) Use an informal tone – The tweets, posts or the blogs that you write for your clients need to sound conversational. Remember: you want to entertain and impress the audience and not cause any discomfort.

4) Differentiate between the client’s official website and Facebook page – It is important for you to know that a consumer visits a corporate website for information, whereas a Facebook page is for them to connect with the brand. By adding catchy, corporate posts through the social networking sites, you can encourage a customer to buy their products. Make sure not to use the same content that is available on the website as a post on Facebook.

5) Educate the audience – Social media offers you the perfect platform to create brand awareness. You can tell your audience about how you client’s brand is unique & how it stands out from the rest. Participate in conversations & be the one who people look out for!

6) Add a human touch to your company – Social media platforms allow you to humanize your company. On websites like Twitter and Facebook, you can find company addresses that start with a human name, followed by the corporate URL. Since people are the reason why social media website became alive, it is only fair that you take advantage of this opportunity.

7) Re-use your resources – There are chances that the audiences might not have got wind of certain offers that your clients might be offering on their products. The industry does not consider it a taboo to re-use the content that you have posted initially. This, on the other hand, will only bring in new customers, who missed the opportunity the first time.

8) Content must be shareable – Think out of the box, there is no limit for your creativity on social media. Create unique posts and be famous for it. Know what your audience love and give such posts. Content on social media MUST be sharable or else it doesn’t give the desired results.

Hope these 8 tips would work out well for you. Have anything to say? Leave it as a comment below.

Author: Prasad Shirsekar

I have more than 10+ year of Experience in Digital Marketing.

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