HostGator vs Bluehost Review – 2020

hostgator vs bluehost review

This HostGator vs Bluehost Review is dedicated to at least reduce your confusion as to which web hosting provider should you choose.

There are a lot of web hosting providers around the net. Therefore, choosing the right one could not be easy. When you decide to build up a website, the first thing for sure that you are to look for is the best web hosting provider for your web site. That better suits your needs and budget. However, many people find it difficult. To decide on what is the most stable and the best web hosting provider. In this HostGator review vs Bluehost review, we’ll give you a comparison of its different features. Also, it will help you choose which one would be the best for your web site.

HostGator and Bluehost are the latest established businesses for India. Both are part of EIG. That offers a localized version of hosting experience for all Indian users. Also, both use Resellerclub in selling their hosting and domain packages.

HostGator hosting launch is a very big advantage. Especially for Indian bloggers & webmasters. Since their services will be located in. Indian users can benefit all HostGator Indian support. Also, very convenient payment options. The HostGator hosting site has similarities as to its U.S site. So its charges.

Bluehost launched the Bluehost to expand its business. Bluehost hosting site is not the same as Bluehost U.S. Bluehost. It provides a standard cPanel, which is a good thing. With these, it is convenient for their clients in managing their websites. Bluehost is very advantageous for Indian users. Users who can’t pay using their Credit card.

We can’t deny that there’s always a competition between HostGator and Bluehost. Although these two web hosting providers have good services. However, there are some differences that occur. Situations when it comes to performance, services and prices that these two web hosting providers offer.

Let’s start in comparing the specific features of the two web hosting providers that are mentioned above:


  • One click WordPress installation
  • Latest cPanel
  • Round the clock support
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited professional email address


  • One click WordPress installation
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Fully Managed Support
  • Advanced SAN based storage

To better understand on which is better between HostGator and Bluehost, let our review give you some comparison of its different services and features.

HostGator Vs Bluehost Performance & Reliability

In terms of performance, both HostGator and Bluehost are best known and most recommended web hosting providers. Both offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Not only that they ensure you’ll get consistent speed, but you will get the maximum of everything.

Both web hosting providers have a lot in common. There are also differences between these two.

With many other web hosting companies out there. Websites hosted by Bluehost also performs really well. Bluehost uses CPU Segregation technology. It intelligently controls the CPU. Also, it protects your websites from bad users. Bluehost does not just offer a guaranteed maximum uptime. However, it also offers a 3o-day full money back guarantee on every hosting packages.

Websites hosted by HostGator are hosted on Dual Xeon servers. With well-equipped data centers and connects to 10 backbone providers. Every year, they invest millions of dollars. To build new technologies for high performance. It is part technology and part support of the new investments. HostGator provides multiple layers of the security network. Also, a state of the art data centers. It includes backup facilities for securing and protecting user data. HostGator makes sure that these new technologies will result in better performance.

Between the two, I must say that HostGator performance and reliability are strong. Also, the way they handle millions of clients is really surprising.

HostGator vs Bluehost Pricing Tables

To start, Bluehost offers quite a wide variety of hosting options. It includes three plans called Standard, Business and Pro Plan. While on the other hand, HostGator also offers three hosting plans called Hatchling, Baby and Business plan.

Between the two web hosting services, the question is which one is the best for the pricing. Also, which one is better fit to your budget. So, I have here a simple table comparing the prices of the two web hosting providers.

As we can see in the tables, HostGator is obviously cheaper compared to Bluehost. Even if HostGator was cheaper. It still provides more compared to Bluehost. In terms of pricing, HostGator is clearly the Winner.

For more updated pricing of Bluehost and HostGator, better check out their updated prices on their websites before buying.


We can’t deny that both web hosting sources are great at what they do. However, after all the comparisons that were shown in this review the winner for this article of HostGator vs Bluehost Review goes to HostGator. Bluehost is also known for its famous and strong web hosting service. Still HostGator proves to be much better over Bluehost.

The end of this HostGator vs Bluehost Review shows that HostGator is the victor.

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