How to Get Your Hands on Domain Name Coupons

Domain names are relatively inexpensive these days but a discount here or there never hurt anyone.  Coupons provide customers with a way to register a domain name and related services at discounted prices.  Surprisingly enough, research conducted by various independent firms show that most webmasters are not aware of the coupons and promotional codes registrars offer to customers on a regular basis.  In this article we will let you know what types of discounts are available and how to find them.

Types of Domain Name Coupons

The coupons domain name registrars offer can be placed in many categories.  Some of the most common include:

Renewal Coupons – These usually come in the form of codes that can be applied when renewing your current domain name.

Transfer Coupons – You can use these coupons when transferring your domain name to a new registrar.

Additional Service Coupons – While their applications vary, the type of services you get with these coupons generally include webmaster tools, internet marketing solutions and SEO services.

Special Coupons – These coupons usually cover free domain privacy protection, SSL certificates, dedicated IP addresses and other competitive benefits.

Exclusive Coupons – These coupons are often issued to VIP customers or those who purchase domain names in bulk.  This basically means that someone who buys about 10 domain names at once can either get a discount on the initial purchase or when renewing their existing services.

Temporary Coupons – Hence the name, these coupons are temporary and only valid over a certain period of time.  Name Cheap is one registrar that offers a number of temporary domain name coupons on a regular basis.  Catch them at the right time and you can get a tremendous deal on service.

Permanent Coupons – Though more rare, permanent coupons can be found.  These are said to be valid for life and supposedly never expire.

BigRock Discount Coupon Codes

Closing Tips

As you can see, domain name coupons are out there; it’s all about finding them and making sure they are attached to a reliable registrar.  The closing tips in this article should help you search for and use these discount codes more effectively.

The first thing you should do is consider the coupons provided by the domain registrars you are interested in.  Thus, if you think BigRock can deliver the best service, do a little research to find out more about what they have to offer.  Aside from using the search engines, you may also want to look into more specific resources for domain name coupons.  There a number of sites online that are centered around this particular niche.  These sites generally allow you to compare discounts from different companies and select the one with the best offer.  You can also seek guidance in community forums where customers and webmasters discuss the latest domain coupons.  Once you find some valuable coupons and a registrar that offers a reliable service, you may want to subscribe to an automated web service such as RSS to receive important news regarding domain name coupons and discounts in the future.  This allow you to get the domain services you need as quick as possible.

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