How to Point A Domain Name from Namecheap to HostGator?

How to Point A Domain Name from Namecheap to HostGator

To Point A Domain Name from Namecheap to HostGator is a fairly simple and straight forward. It does sound complicated and troublesome but it really isn’t and it will improve your web hosting experience.

In web development, it is very important to make sure that you create a layout that isn’t messy and provides useful features and navigation that all modern websites should contain. Another factor you have to consider is that the website you are developing is secure. Secure websites will give confidence to the visitors of your website. This will ensure that they can entrust their information on your website. Having a secure website is a complicated, and a good topic for another day, but one of the easiest ways to make your website more secure is to point your nameservers from your registrar to a highly reputable web hosting company.

The idea is that the host of your domain must not be the same as the host of your website. It sounds complicated but it’s really not. We’ll show you how.

NOTE: You cannot modify Name Servers from HostGator itself however you can modify the use of name servers through Namecheap.

Why do we need to Point A Domain Name from Namecheap to HostGator? It is not exactly a need but rather it’s a fairly simple process that improves a lot of aspects for web hosting.

What you need before proceeding:

First and foremost you need

  • HostGator account
  • Namecheap account

If you have those let’s get started!

How To Point Namecheap Domain To HostGator Hosting:

Step 1: Login to Namecheap

Go to the Namecheap and login your account. Go to “Manage Domain” section, there will be a list of domains in the middle section of “Manage Domains”. You will see a “Your Domains” at the top-center and below it has the list of domains click the one that you wish to change.

Step 2: To change the domain name

The next step would be to click on “Transfer DNS to Webhost” on the left side panel.

You will find two radio buttons in the middle of the page please select “Specify Custom DNS Server” and dump the NameServer details you need there. Hold on, I don’t have the NameServer details!

Step 3: Get the Name Server Details

Don’t worry, you can find the NameServer details from HostGator welcome email that they send to you after your registration.

What if for some reason I don’t have that “Welcome Email” from HostGator anymore since I deleted it from my email? Then alternatively you can get the name server details from your cPanel account.

Login into your cPanel account and find the “Account Information” panel at the bottom of the left-hand column.

After you got the NameServer details you needed. Go back to Step 2 and input the following NameServer details that you needed to the textboxes available from the “Specify Custom DNS Server” server window.

Double check it and click “Save Changes”.

Step 3: Confirmation

It will redirect you and look for the “Domain name servers updated!” note notification on top of the page where you are redirected to confirm if it has been changed. Now you just have to wait for the “propagation” period where the necessary steps for the name server to be changed are being done, it usually lasts 24 hours to 48 hours.

Congratulations you’ve successfully managed to change your Domain Name from Namecheap to HostGator!

With these few simple step’s you’ve managed to create a more complicated setup with a simple procedure. Having this setup is a step to a more secure website.

Now you are able to Point A Domain Name from Namecheap to HostGator

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