How To Select Blog Topics Using Social Media?

Blogs are an amazing piece of content marketing strategy which is under-utilized, at least to some extent. It might be strenuous to find the right topic relevant to your niche, but why look anywhere else when you can turn to social media!

Many individuals keep talking about their interests, views and reviews on various social media platforms. These conversations can lead to topics that can give you a trendy, new idea to write a blog. When people find their interests linked to a blog, they read and share it, which in turn increases the number of followers.

Here are 5 tips to find blog topics with the help of social media.Social Discussions should be expanded

1. Social Discussions should be expanded

Do not keep your social media channels away from blogs. Integrate them to see the difference. After you publish content on your blog, share them on all social media platforms. Tweet out a link, talk about it on Facebook, take an image & pin it on Pinterest and drive traffic from different sources. You can also post it on LinkedIn and request your members to share their thoughts. Whenever you create a blog, along with it create a discussion on your social media platforms asking them different questions.

Engage with the reviews and comments of your followers, asking for additional reviews and comments or come up with new questions to keep the entire conversation going. It helps you come up with new topics for your next write up. This technique is particularly beneficial for reaching people who are not subscribed to your blog updates. Now they can see your content and join the conversation.

2. Hashtags can be of Immense Help

Once you are on social media, you are a part of thousands of conversations going on constantly. People keep talking about what they are doing, the current trends, lifestyles and a lot more. Inside all these conversations are your blog post ideas. To quickly find what you would like to write about, you can turn to Twitter and start looking for trending topics that are related to your niche. Listen to what people are talking and write a blog accordingly. Additionally, you can also participate in or host regular Twitter chats, to increase the followers. Take advantage of discussions and share that information with your blog readers.

However, one should not stop on Twitter. Visit each of your social media channels and look for different and interesting topics you can write on. Remember you need not always talk the same thing. Give people a different and fresh perspective, they will just love it.

3. Try answering Frequently Asked Questions

People are always hungry for information. ‘How To…’ blogs, ‘To-Do lists,’ are all immensely popular because they answer people’s questions. People use social media platforms to search for such information. Now if you share a blog, then the chances it comes up on a search are more.

Whether your audience wants to know more about your product, business or the practices in your industry; you can use answer these questions through a blog or better, a series of blog posts. This way you get a loyal fan following for your blogs.

4. Look for Guest Bloggers

Social media relationships can be turned into business partnerships overnight. While you are sharing updates and interacting with your social media audience, you create connections with them.

Find influencers, offer them your products or service & ask them to write a guest blog. Social media provides a means to find new writers who share similar interests to yours and will likely have fresh topic ideas. Talk to them and ask them to write for you. It is a great way to build your brand and reputation.

5. List Posts are In

Precise and short is the new age content mantra. People have less time and anything which makes it easy for them, is obviously more preferred. Instead of writing ten posts on the same topic, you can create a list post.

Now, whenever you need ideas for your next blog posts, you certainly know what you have to do. Consider using social media for almost all your topics and watch the number of followers increase. Empower your blog with trendy topics. Using social media and your blog to support each other, profits your marketing strategy.

Author: Prasad Shirsekar

I have more than 10+ year of Experience in Digital Marketing.

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