Key Aspects of a Successful Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your web site is undoubtedly one of the most important steps in any successful online endeavor. The domain name will be the face of your site and will ultimately be responsible for the branding of your site’s online persona. Unfortunately, many people choose a domain name because ‘it sounds goods’, or for because ‘they like it’, rather than using tried and proven methods to choose a name that will bring success in the long term with minimal effort. Did you know that choosing the right domain name can send your site to the top of the search engine for specific keywords even if there is only one page of content on the site! By following using the following three key aspects of a successful domain name you can ensure that you’re not regretful of you decision in several months.

  • Contains Keywords

This is by far the most important aspect of a domain name, as it can directly be responsible for the site ranking number one for a chosen keyword with only one article on the entire site. Thus, many people utilize keyword research tools to find the best keywords and then base their domain name buying decision on these keywords. This is an alternative approach to the ‘authority site’ method that involves buying one site that is not related to any keywords and then create a presence in a specific niche with sub-domains and a categorized site. If you want fast and easy success then you should choose a domain name that contains commonly searched for keywords, as this will ultimately result in automatic traffic from the search engines.

  • Is Memorable’

If you followed the previous tip then your domain name should already be memorable as it is a popular keyword, however it is not always possible to obtain a domain name that contains a keyword in the niche of your liking. Dealing with a niche that you’re comfortable with is very important if you want your site to be successful, as you may lose interest if you don’t like the niche you’re in. Thus, if you cannot find a popular keyword, try finding a domain name that is memorable but still relevant to your niche, this will ensure that whatever traffic you cannot gain form the search engines will be compensated by word of mouth and the memories of your site visitors.

  • Has a Popular Extension (TLD)

In general, if you want your site to be successful with minimal then you should not buy a domain name with the TL (domain extension) of .biz, .me, .tv. Or any other less commonly known domain name, there are two reasons for this. First the search engines typically rank .com, .org, .net and .info domains the highest, and second, a lot of people will not remember the extensions and will accidentally type in one of the more popular extensions, often bringing them to a competitor’s site. Although it is possible to rank highly using one of the less popular domain extensions, if you want to go straight to the top you need a commonly high ranking TLD.

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