Linux Web Hosting – Growing Trend in Web Hosting

Choosing a Web Hosting server for your brand new website is always a challenging task. You need to choose it carefully so that you will not face any problems and to make sure that in future your web site runs smoothly all the time. The host operating system ensures that the server is up and stable. Let’s talk about what you need to know.

It is really tricky and difficult to choose between a Linux based server and a Windows based server as both have their own set of features. Here are some of the things you need to know about Linux Web Hosting and in what aspects does it differ from Windows hosting and the benefits you get if you opt for Linux based server.

Linux Web Hosting

To explain it in simple words, hosting servers that run on Linux Operating system along with database and other software are called Linux based servers, and the hosting is referred as Linux web hosting. The flexibility of Linux has made it a strong competitor for Windows servers. A Linux server is often designed to have a Linux Operating system using the Apache server software having a MySQL database and a PHP programming language. This is simply referred to as LAMP web hosting. Linux web Hosting is gaining rapid reputation these days, and the main reason for this is that it is open source and it supports PHP and MySQL completely. Linux hosting services can be used for nearly anything.

This service is probably what you want, as the vast majority of Web development tools like (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more are all designed for Linux.

Differences Between Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting

Many people argue that there are not many differences between Linux and Windows operating systems. Is that true? There are actually several differences, and we’ll explain them to you below.

Mainly, many top web hosting companies offer their hosting plan based on Linux operating system. InMotion, HostGator, BlueHost, and Web Hosting Hub are some of the web hosts name that offer Linux operating systems.

Price – The major difference between the two servers is in their prices. Windows operating systems are owned and developed by Microsoft, therefore any update to these servers should come from them. Because this is the case, it can be expensive to run Windows machines. Linux on the other hand is open source and is free to use. This is the main reason why Linux web hosting is cheaper than the Windows.

Make sure you check BlueHost for the best shared hosting plans for all users and run on Linux operating systems.

Supported Technologies – Scripting languages work efficiently with Linux. CGI and Perl can be used effectively on Linux machines. Though Windows also support CGI and PERL, the use is limited. Scripting languages like PHP is more often in Linux where as ASP is common in Windows.

Server Access and File Transfer – One important aspect in web hosting is the way you access the server and transfer files. You have FTP access with both Windows and Linux servers, but the later provides telnet or SSH access as well. Using FTP you can transfer files from your hard disk to the web server but by using telnet and ssh you can directly manipulate the files present in the web server itself.

Database Access – Databases are necessary for any website to run dynamically. Both Windows and Linux support different databases, and while MySQL and Access are common in Windows servers, MySQL is prominent in Linux systems.

Web Tools – Web Server software plays a crucial role in controlling the user access rights and delivering the website to the user. While Windows provides Internet Information Services to its users, Linux has Apache to take care of the Web services.

Downtime – Linux is well known for its stability when compared with its competitor Windows. Most of the minor updates in Windows require a server reboot where as most of the updates on Linux servers can be done without rebooting the server (however Linux systems sometimes have regular scheduled downtime). From a security stand point Windows still remains to be a vulnerable target to malicious virus attacks where as Linux systems are robust and are more secure.

Now that you know the differences between these two servers, let’s discuss the benefits you get from Linux Web hosting.

Benefits of Using Linux Web Hosting

Affordable Hosting Plan – As mentioned earlier every edition of Linux is open source and is free to use. This takes away the cost of operating system licenses from your hosting plan. This is the reason for much of the reduced costs for Linux web hosting resulting in price advantages for their customers and more profits for the hosting company.

Compatibility – Linux is compatible with other operating systems and software. A web site hosted on a Linux server can be easily hosted on a Windows server but hosting a Windows server on a Linux server is nothing but trouble. So it is always better to start using Linux Web hosting to avoid these problems in future.

Stability – Linux servers are known for their stability and performance. A website hosted on a Linux server typically has much better uptime and reliability

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Simplicity – Many people argue that setting up and maintaining a Linux server is complex, but the reality is something different. Linux servers have evolved and have become much more user friendly when compared to the past. Now it is very easy to maintain a Linux server.

Low Maintenance Costs – By hosting your website on a Linux server, you can be sure that you have minimum maintenance costs. Most of the upgrades are free and can be applied without downtime. There are many free desktop and other server applications that can be used effectively with Linux server. This brings down the costs of Linux web hosting further down (and keep in mind – when you host with one of our recommended hosts all this is included in your low monthly fee).

Though Linux Web hosting might not be the answer to all your web hosting problems it is definitely a better option than Windows web hosting because of its stability and compatibility. Linux Web hosting in now widely chosen by many people as it offers great features at affordable prices.

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