Restrictions on a Free Web Hosting Service

Every website owner is bound to take financial matters under one workable budget, making free web hosting an attractive hosting option. Even though this type of hosting offers very simple features and may not be able to provide a service that is of best quality, this is already a good place to start for beginners. As a website owner you must know the needs and the anticipated demands of your site, and it is through this that you will be able to decide on the hosting provider that is best for your business or site. Each option will always have its accompanying restrictions; therefore it is best to check if you are ready to deal with the limits involved in a free web hosting facility.

The more common restrictions when it comes to having a free web hosting account is having limited disk space, decreasing bandwidth capacity, absence of the familiar files and lesser uptime guarantee. In other words, the features in a free hosting account are not sophisticated at all. Oftentimes, free hosting accounts would require you to put the banner of the web host, or some postings of advertisements on your site. This may be an inconvenience for some individuals who want more management and control to their sites. Since the service is free, the hosting company shall greatly manage the site. However, free hosting companies do offer a number of decent features such as the File Transfer Protocol Feature, free blog and guestbook and the like.

More often than not, when you apply for a free hosting account, there are three manners of getting approval for the application. These are immediate hosting activation, approved hosting activation, hosting that requires posts, and forum web hosting. With instant activation, the results would be immediate however there are downsides to these. The disk space normally provided would only be very little, and the bandwidth that is given may not be as extensive. Spamming may even be a frequent occurrence since there is not much security features included in this type of approved hosting.

With approved free web hosting however, the features provided are definitely more advanced than the immediate approval. The disk space is typically bigger, and the bandwidth allocation allows for more file storage. Normally, with approved web hosting, your application will go through a series of evaluations and will have to be certified first before approval. These procedures are done to help your website deal with and prevent spamming activities from internet frauds.

There is also one type of free hosting wherein you won’t be given a free account until you have completed the required number of posts to be published on a forum site. Depending on the score that you get for each post that you have submitted and published, the hosting company will determine whether you are suitable for a free hosting account or not. You may or may not get an account depending on their set of criteria.

There are also other restrictions with a free hosting account. There are hosting companies that provide free hosting in with a larger disk space, although there are those that have very limited space and this may not be workable for most. Limited space means lesser allowable number of files to be uploaded on the site. The client may not also be able to get his own web page due to the number of advertisements being posted by the free web hosting company.

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