Shared Web Hosting Vs Dedicated Web Hosting

There are mainly two types of web hosting being provided by web host companies to their clients, and these are shared and dedicated web hosting.

Shared and dedicated web hosting are entirely different from one another. One difference between them has something to do with service restrictions offered to the clients of the web host company. Shared web hosting, as its own name suggests, is not exclusive to one client only. This means that other clients of the web host company utilize the same server that is being managed and monitored by skilled technicians whom the web host company employs for such purpose. In shared web hosting, the clients of the same web hosting company place their contents and applications on the same server. A particular disadvantage of this, however, is that it considerably slows down the speed. There is also a good chance that the service will be interrupted by the other users as they are sharing the same server.


Shared web hosting is sometimes referred to as virtual or mass hosting. It is a very ideal choice especially when the website is fairly small and does not require a huge amount of space or bandwidth. It is also not very expensive, yet nonetheless it is able to deliver efficient results. However, while shared hosting may easily be the choice of many web hosting companies, it does have some shortcomings, too. For instance, there are some scripts and applications that can not be readily used by the user; instead, the user needs to customize them to suit his needs. Customizing may come in the form of an online catalogue, perhaps, or a shopping cart, or something of the sort.

Shared and dedicated web hosting do not work in the same way at all. Dedicated web hosting is more complicated and is more expensive than shared web hosting. In dedicated web hosting, the web hosting company provides a server for a single client’s use only. This gives the client full access to the server. The client, too, receives a hosting package that is already customized according to space requirements, bandwidth and memory. If the client is already a well established company, such as one with a website frequented by visitors, dedicated web hosting will be a good choice for him. Though it may naturally cost a lot more than shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting gives the client control over applications, strategic direction and business processes. Moreover, the speed is much faster and applications are able to run more smoothly in the process. Further, because the server works for one client only, service interruption is highly unlikely.

There are other types of web hosting, and you have the option to explore all of them, of course. However, before choosing which type to use, always make a thorough research about the pros and cons of each type. You will encounter different other types of web hosting in your quest for the one to use for your website, but shared and dedicated web hosting are the most common and most-often used.

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