Some Major Misconceptions Regarding Managed Hosting and the Truth Behind them

I am sure internet masters will find this article really interesting when they will get to know that some of the most believed myths regarding managed hosting have all got to do with the services offered. Following are a few myths that will make you learn a lot about the managed hosting:

Managed hosting packages lack software choices:

The discovery of this myth came into recognition when a group of people complaining about several other issues raised this particular issue. In general too, many companies that offer managed hosting fail to offer a number of software choices. Instead, all the companies need to offer a great deal of software on highly competitive rates.

Managed hosting means complete protection against viruses:

It is practically impossible for all the managed hosting providers to fully protect you against the malicious activities and viruses spreading in the world of technology. Thus, no managed hosting company has thus far been able to 100% protect its customers from the viruses. However, the companies keep upgrading their technologies that at least protect the customers from the most common and major threats.

24 hours uptime and managed hosting guarantee:

No matter what the contract and the term paper states but it is not possible for the managed hosting companies to provide the websites with a 24/7 live time and technical support. Although all the companies are supposed to do so but in reality, none of the managed hosting companies can prevent your site from going down or getting inactive at all times.

100% security of data storage guaranteed:

Although almost all of the managed hosting companies tend to take complete care of the confidentiality of data contained in the website but there’s a slight loophole in the terms and conditions. The clauses, however, disregard themselves from any loss of data caused due to natural calamities.

Managed hosting is a need of inexperienced web hosting customers only:

Had this been the case, then you should actually wonder that why some of the renowned companies in the world opt for managed hosting and not do it on their own. Managed hosting is a completely different profession and is not a support function. It is very time consuming and costly for the companies to manage their website on their own that includes adding disk space and increasing bandwidth quotas.

Managed hosting can only be performed by a team of hosting professionals:

No wonder all the major work related to managed hosting needs to be done by the professionals, however, you can always perform some of the minor actions that do not need much expertise. It again depends on how much funding you have set aside for managed hosting companies to take care of your website.

Managed hosting is a more costly solution as compared to dedicated hosting:

You might have to empty your pocket by paying a good sum of money but managed hosting is always a prudent solution if you have planned for the long run. This way you end up saving your time that you may utilize elsewhere very efficiently. The primary reason for creating managed hosting was to give web hosting customers more time to proficiently manage their business.

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