The History of Web Hosting

The history of web hosting may be said to have begun in 1991, around the same time, too, that the internet and the World Wide Web have invaded the lives of the people. Web hosting has, however, markedly improved since that time on.

Advanced modes of communications such as the email, for instance, may have started long before that, of course, but admittedly, it was only in the 1990s when things started to change remarkably. During this time, there were no longer commercial restrictions, and the internet became an avenue for individual people to have their websites seen over the World Wide Web through a system called web hosting, something which was not made possible before.  It can be said, then, that the history of web hosting began during that time only.

The period of 1991 was a period of great change for the internet, and web hosting in particular. The change that happened during this time is called the revolution of electronic commerce. This is the time when companies began to realize the profitability of the web hosting market and the potentials of having a web site of their own. Before that, only universities and big companies, perhaps, are able to have their own websites, but the history of web hosting opened new opportunities even for individual persons to have a website.

Web Hosting Companies

Initially, not everyone knew how to use web hosting to his advantage. Understandably, being new in the market, the idea of web hosting was quite difficult to grasp. For one, web hosting was very expensive back then, so not everyone had the opportunity to hire the services of a web hosting company so his website could be seen all over the internet. Back then, too, web hosting, used to be a very complicated procedure, often described in technical terms that were too difficult for a layman to understand and grasp. Fortunately, the concept of web hosting became less complex as the years went by. Maybe, this was largely because there are more types of web hosting services available now. In spite of this, however, the need for technical companies to operate the system are still apparent even to this day. The cost of web hosting, too, decreased considerably over the years. In fact, there are many web hosting companies now that offer their services for free.

Another change that web hosting has undergone through the years has something to do with the rent of space. In the past, computer companies would only rent out the space right from their own servers to host web pages, but nowadays, thousands upon thousands of individuals are able to offer similar services as well.

Nowadays, it is easier to understand what web hosting is all about. The concept of web hosting significantly improves with the passing of time. As detailed in the history of web hosting, the business of web hosting has, indeed, undergone tremendous changes through the years, all of which have created a huge impact in the industry.

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