Tips for Registering a Domain Name

Registering a good domain name is perhaps one of the most important aspects of constructing a successful and profitable web site for your online business. Unfortunately, after you’ve chosen a domain name there is little you can do to turn back time, other than buying a new domain name and then forwarding the old domain to the new one through a practice known as domain forwarding. Thus, it is imperative to ensure that you’re satisfied with your selection before registering the domain. Even though he cost of domains is relatively low, the cost of choosing the wrong name can be quite high. The following tips can help you register the best domain name possible.

Register Expired Domains

One of the secrets the pros use to find valuable domain names quickly is expired domain auctions. If a domain name is expiring, that means that a webmaster held interest in the name at one point in time, and since many webmasters base their domain name selection on thorough keyword research, there is a good chance that the expired domain will have some inherent value. In fact, some expired domain names still retain some of the SEO attributes that were built up by the previous owner, such as backlinks and even page rank. If you’re having trouble brainstorming to come up with ideas for your next domain name, you may want to stop by a domain auction site to get a good idea of what domain names have been registered and expired recently.

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Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Although domain names can consist of any combination of letters, numbers and hyphens, most experts recommend that you completely avoid using hyphens, and try to avoid using numbers as a substitution for words. For example, the domain name “” would be less desirable than “” simply because people are not likely to remember the hyphens when revisiting a web site.

Also, search engine queries usually never contain hyphens, which means the site’s SEO ranking could suffer because of the hyphens. Although inserting numbers and hyphens may shorten the length of the domain name and make it easier to read, the value of domains that contain hyphens and numbers is considerably lower than those that do not.

Consider Private Registration and Domain Certification

When you register your domain, any information that you give to the registrar is cataloged into a public database that can be accessed by anyone that is willing to do so. Fortunately, private domain registration can keep your private details out of the WHOIS database and away form malicious competitors and marketers that could quickly use it in nefarious ways. Domain certification also provides an extra level of security because it helps you provide proof of ownership when needed. If someone hijacks your domain then you can used the signed and notarized domain certificate as proof of ownership. Domain certification only costs about $3 while private registration only costs about $10. Both of which are worthy investments for the committed webmaster.

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