What Types Of SSL Certificates Are For Sale To Use?

Types Of SSL Certificates

There are basically four different types of SSL Certificates currently available throughout the industry. They are offered by several different certified and qualified Certificate Authorities around the internet. The first type of SSL Certificate is the free model offered by a Certificate Authority that offers to provide service free of charge. The client usually gets what they pay for which amounts to little more than a hassle and a headache for their efforts. The majority of free SSL Certificates are not recognized by the various browsers that internet users utilize to access the different web sites. They are free, cannot be verified and therefore should be avoided for serious online business interests.

The second type of SSL Certificate, also referred to as a Standard model, involves the 40 bit encryption version. This is the lowest possible amount of safety and security issued in an SSL Certificate application. These models have the lowest prices for purchase and provide very little for the investment or the web site. The 40 bit encryption versions have been hacked in the past and do pose the possibility of that risk occurring again. These versions should also be avoided when found. Several Certificate Authorities have actually removed them from their inventory in an attempt to force clients to use more security and safety for their clients as well as for themselves.

Beginner’s Guide to SSL Certificates

Coming in at number three are the 126 bit encryption models. These SSL Certificates are the new standard in the industry and are currently being used to replace the older 40 bit models when current terms expire. They offer significantly more security and safety for everyone concerned. Godaddy SSL Certificate They are priced right by several Certificate Authorities to allow business owners to transfer from their older 40 bit versions without realizing too much of a financial increase.

Last but not least is the 256 bit encryption SSL Certificate. These are offered by all of the recognized and respected Certificate Authorities. These versions provide the absolute best safety and security on the market today. They are priced higher than any of the other models currently available on the market; however they have many more advantages for online businesses and corporations that conduct an extensive amount of financial endeavors over the internet with their clients from around the world. Clients have the opportunity to choose from any of the available models when they are getting their online presence established.

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