Utilizing Cheap Web Hosting for Search Engine Optimization

It is no secret that the best way to get residual targeted traffic with minimal effort is to capitalize on the popularity and traffic generating capabilities of search engines. Search engine optimization is a crucial aspect of being a successful webmaster, and is therefore the main subject focused on by many novice site owners. The majority of webmasters spend their time in pursuit of esoteric SEO knowledge that will somehow bring their website to the top search engines. Unfortunately, to see results and rank highly in the search engine result pages (SERPs) you’ll need to utilize the right tools and resources while working with diligence and persistence.

Although most people associate cheap web hosting with low-quality service, it is possible to utilize affordable hosting plans to improve search engine optimization for the following reasons.


Diversified Linking

Perhaps the most important aspect of search engine optimization is building backlinks to your website. A backlink is any link posted online that directs traffic to a page on your website. There are many conventional approaches to building backlinks in the proper fashion, however these often take a lot of time and dedication to be successful. Instead, many webmasters choose to build backlinks themselves utilizing their own network of websites. Unfortunately, search engines can tell what web server a site is being hosted on, and if all of the backlinks for your site are hosted on the same web server they’ll have little affect on search engine ranking. Thus, you’ll need to purchase several cheap web hosting plans in order to gain access different IP addresses for your websites. Since you’ll primarily be using these sites to link to your larger websites and improve their SEO aspects, you won’t need access to extensive server resources.

 Funneling Traffic

By linking to your main websites from sites hosted on your cheap web hosting plans, you can not only improve search engine ranking through backlinks, you can also funnel traffic from these sites to your moneymaking sites in relevant niches, which will boost the authority of your domain. Cumulatively, if you have 10 websites hosted on a cheap hosting plan, and all of them are linking to and funneling traffic to a single main website, you are essentially recycling a percentage of that traffic. Thus, you can maximize the average value of each visitor you can solicit, rather than getting them to a single site and then having them leave your site for another person’s website.

 Learning and Initial Endeavors

Cheap web hosting is also ideal for novice webmasters that would like to begin their initial online endeavors and gain access to the server resources that will facilitate their learning experience. Without access to a web server, you cannot even begin to build or market a website. By starting with a cheap web hosting plan you can ensure minimal financial risk, while also gaining access to the resources needed to begin your online endeavors and learn the basics of search engine optimization. Rather than making a substantial investment for your first hosting plan, you should consider the cost-saving benefits of cheap web hosting.

Author: Prasad Shirsekar

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