What Domain Registration and Web Hosting actually do for your website?

Web hosting domain registration may be a new term for a few who are unaware about the integral details of website development. Presence in the online community can bring in rich benefits to any individual or firm. To achieve an internet identity by means of a website, the requirement is to get a domain with an active web hosting. Any professional website on the internet certainly needs to have a valid domain name as it acts as an identity. Domain name is helpful in promotion of the site and a reputable hosting service helps to sustain it online. There are certain things that anyone who owns or operates a website should know about hosting and domain name.

Difference in Domain registration and Web Hosting

Many do confuse the two to be same yet they are not. The non-technical people who operate website for personal purpose many times miss out on this information that domain registration and web hosting are two different parts of creating a website for the internet. Basically, the process begins with a registration of the domain name which is then hosted on the net with the help of a hosting service provider. The confusion is caused due to the companies which complete both registration and hosting as there are many which offer just one of them.

Domain Registration

Essentially, domain name is what the net users type in address bar to search for any website. The procedure of domain registration is compulsory for any web portal to start working. Once the contract is made for the name, the owner has the right to use that particular domain for mentioned period after which it needs to be renewed. Mostly the domain name is chosen as per the need of business or individual and stays relevant to them. Always try and get catchy name as that can assist the business in the long run to get goodwill. Also pay attention while choosing the domain extension so that it suits the business or project perfectly.

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Web Hosting

After the domain name is acquired by registering it, the requirement is of a service provider to host the site. This is imperative to make the website appear on the internet and web hosting is the service to rely on. The web hosting companies actually rent out the space on their servers for a fee which is then used to place the domain. The hosting companies even offer multiple hosting in case the requirement is there, this way the primary domain can be accompanied by many add on domains featuring varied content and pages.

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Some useful tips to remember

Ensure that you get the amount of disk space required for the website or else if there is some shortfall better get other service provider who can offer what is needed. As the business progresses so does the need for bandwidth, this calls for expansion and the hosting should be able to provide it in time. Ask for separate mail accounts for all the domains registered. The alternative for unlimited domain should also be present for future use, in case the need be.

With Web hosting and domain registration, now as you know are part of the same process working together to make sure the website is developed and performs as desired. Prudently select the company to work with and there won’t be a thing to worry about in future.

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