What is a Dedicated Hosting Server?

Dedicated Hosting Server

A dedicated hosting server (otherwise known as dedicated hosting service, and managed hosting server) is a type of Internet hosting that allows the client to lease an entire server that they do not have to share with anyone. Using a dedicated hosting server is more beneficial than shared hosting because the organizations have total control over the server(s), which include the choice of operating system, and hardware among other things. In most cases, server administration is given by the hosting company as an add-on service and a dedicated hosting server can actually cost less on overhead costs and can also offer a bigger return on the client’s investment. Usually a dedicated server host is kept in a data center, which is similar to colocation facilities. A dedicated server host also offer redundant power sources and also have HVAC systems. As opposed to colocation, the dedicated hosting server hardware belongs to the provider and there are a few instances in which the dedicated server host will offer support for the client’s operating system or applications.

The availability, employee familiarity, and price of a dedicated server host is dependent on which operating systems are offered on dedicated hosting servers. In most cases, the variations on Linux and Unix, which are open source operating systems, come at no additional charge to the client. Commercial operating systems for dedicated hosting servers like Microsoft Windows Server offered through a unique program known as Microsoft SPLA.

Support for the operating systems required for a hosting dedicated server is usually dependent on the amount of management that is offered with certain dedicated hosting servers. OS support might include critical updates to the main system in order to gain the most up-to-date security fixes, system-wide vulnerability resolutions and patches. Upgrades to the core operating systems of a hosting dedicated server include service packs, vital security patches, kernel upgrades, and application updates that all work to ensure that dedicated hosting servers are kept safe and secure.

Some businesses may be torn between choosing a dedicated hosting and shared hosting. The main things to keep in mind are that with shared hosting the client will be sharing resources with other Web sites. This is a cheaper option, and the hosting provider will take care of certain issues such as set-up, operation system, bandwidth management, backups, security and e-mail. All the client has to take care of is content.

Something else to keep in mind when shopping for a hosting dedicated server is the amount of traffic your website will incur. Two things of particular importance in this category are “Web/disc space” and “Bandwidth/Data Transfer.” In most cases the provider will lock clients into a maximum amount for traffic and there will be an extra charge for anything that exceeds that amount. When a hosting dedicated server refers to disk space, this pertains to the amount of physical disk space that is needed by a client’s Web site. The way that this amount is determined is by the number of images, pages and other files that are on a Web page.

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There is a limit on the amount of bandwidth that a client’s website can handle, so clients should account for growth when deciding on a dedicated hosting server. Some hosting servers may actually deny access to a Web site if it exceeds the allowed amount of bandwidth.

Another factor to keep in mind when shopping for a dedicated server host is user interface. Will the Web site be user friendly, or will there be some things that users will have to go back and tweak themselves? These kinds of factors are time consuming; as business owners are aware, time equals money.

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With dedicated virtual server hosting, a virtual machine is used only by an individual client of the service. The term “dedicated virtual server hosting” is utilized to express that the virtual machine, while being functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer, is only used for the client’s particular needs, and also has the security and privacy of a separate physical computer. With dedicated virtual server hosting, it can also be set up to run as a server computer. Virtual Dedicated Server/VDS is another name that is used less often for the same concept.

Another thing to consider with dedicated virtual server hosting is that each virtual server has the capability to operate its own full-fledged operating system and can also be rebooted independently.

Having a hosting server can be a great way to boost business, bring in new business, and draw a larger and varied audience. Not only can it be easier for business owners, it can also be easier for customers as well.

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