What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is the process of making your website easily accessible to your target audience by getting a website listed in the top ten or twenty positions in the search engine results page. Today the internet has become one of the most competitive platforms. Every business today tries to create some kind of online presence. So in any given niche there are going to be thousands of other websites competing against the same keywords. When an internet user searches the web for any particular piece of information using a certain set of keywords, he or she is very likely to visit the top ten or twenty listings. All the other websites get very poor click through rate. Internet marketing helps you in putting up a good fight and thereby increase your online visibility.

What exactly is internet marketing then? Internet marketing is a set of processes, procedures or strategies that will help a website or a business online gain better online visibility. Another term that is commonly used to refer internet marketing is search engine optimization. There are numerous strategies available today to promote a website. These internet marketing strategies can be classified into two major categories namely, on page strategies and off page strategies.

Successful internet marketing efforts would have to take well balanced efforts, meaning both on page strategies and off page strategies should be incorporated. Internet marketing can again be categorized into two groups namely paid traffic generation strategies and organic traffic generation strategies.

Let us try to delineate all four categories of internet marketing strategies by giving example for each. On page internet marketing strategies will involve processes that make a particular page search engine friendly. For example creating search engine friendly page titles, ensuring that each page title is unique, creating keyword rich content, creating search engine friendly URLs and so on. Off page internet marketing strategies will involve processes like link building, social media marketing, blogging in third party websites, posting reviews in blogs, etc. The third category of internet marketing involves processes that send traffic to website using strategies like pay per click program, banner advertisement, pop up ads and so on. Organic traffic generation on the other hand tries to get the website listed in the search engine results pages.

On the whole, internet marketing strategies try to increase the traffic rate to any given website. Without internet marketing no website will be able to attract the desired level of traffic online or be successful online. If your website does not attract any traffic or if your website is not visible to your target audience then there is no point in having such a website. Internet marketing is today very crucial for the success of all websites regardless of the niche or the industry to which they belong.

An important factor that needs to be remembered here is that webmasters should always use only approved, ethical or white hat strategies. Just because internet marketing is crucial for the online success of a website, the strategies used cannot be chosen indiscriminately.

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