What is Linux Web Hosting?

When a web hosting company uses the term Linux Web Hosting, it simply means that the hosting services are running on a server that is operating a Linux system. Linux web hosting is by far the most commonly used type of web hosting existing today. It is the web hosting of choice for individuals and small to mid-sized businesses because it is very affordable; especially compared to Windows based web hosting. Most people on the internet today cannot afford pricey hosting plans so they opt for the affordable web hosting packages that run on the Linux operating system.

Why is Linux web hosting so affordable? Well because it is based on an open source software product, which, in turn, does not create the high licensing fees that other software does. For instance, one can freely download Linux, whereas one who chooses Windows based web hosting must pay for the software and maintenance fees.

When it comes to Linux web hosting, these are the benefits it offers:

  1. Linux web hosting is much cheaper than Windows web hosting.
  2. Support for PHP scripts and MySQL databases is usually at no additional cost.
  3. Linux web hosting is more secure than Windows web hosting, making it the natural hosting choice for website designers and programmers.
  4. Linux web hosting offers tons of user customization options.

Due to the fact that the Linux operating system is extremely stable, you can expect a very high uptime guarantee with Linux web hosting. This means that your website will be available online more hours in a month than a Windows based hosting plan would offer. Your web hosting provider will usually guarantee an uptime percentage of 99.5+ when you are hosting your website using Linux.

Many programmers make Linux their web hosting of choice because it supports almost all of the scripting codes and web files in existence. Linux web hosting can be used with the following extensions: .html, .htm, .pl, .php, .shtml, .asp, .xml, and many others. However, there is one minor shortcoming of Linux web hosting, and that is it is not compatible with any Microsoft Technologies (ASP scripts). However, for the normal user who is looking for a basic web hosting solution, this would not matter.

It is evident that Linux web hosting is the best choice you can make when purchasing from a web hosting company. If you are a small business looking to branch out on the internet, Linux web hosting will help you achieve your goals. It’s inexpensive web hosting at its best. Every web hosting provider offers this type of web hosting packaged in numerous appealing plans which vary in features like disk space, band width and so on. Choose Linux for your web hosting needs and leave Windows to those who need specialized services unique to that software.

In conclusion, if you are new to the internet or new to programming websites and web design, Linux web hosting is the better option. Its reliable and inexpensive nature makes it one of the best web hosting services available.

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