What is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of getting your website listed in the top positions in search engine result page and in the other searches when people search for local service providers or companies in a given area. Regardless of whether you cater only to local customers or to local and global customers, it is important to gain visibility for local searches because for any business winning local customers will determine the success rate of the business.

Local SEO or local search engine optimization tries to make use of geographic quantifiers in the keywords while optimizing your website. Using such geographic quantifiers you will be able to target any geographic region in the world.

Most often when people are searching for their service provider or their vendor, they are very likely to search for local hosting and local service providers because despite the IT boom and eCommerce revolutions customers still prefer to do business as close to home as possible whenever possible. A major portion of the internet users even today uses respective geographic tags while searching for the products or services they need. For example, ‘Houston plumber’, ‘Houston, dentist’, ‘realtors Houston’, etc. Local SEO using advanced optimization techniques will try to get your website listed for such searches.

Local SEO involves both On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. For those that are not aware of what on-page SEO is and what is off-page SEO, here is a quick word on both aspects of search engine optimization. On page SEO tries to make changes to your web pages content and thereby making your web pages search engine friendly. Off-page SEO on the other hand tries to promote your website online using various strategies including submission strategies and link building strategies. Local SEO increases the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns and helps you get more targeted customers.

Benefits of Local SEO Service

As a business owner you will be keen on increasing the traffic to your website and in increasing the number footfalls to your office or business enterprise. The local SEO service will help you achieve these goals in a very systematic way. Here are some of the top benefits of Local SEO service.

Your website will be listed for relevant local searches that is when people search for the products are services they need in a particular area.

Local SEO will increase the chances of your business getting listed in top ten positions in the popular search engines. When you optimize your website for local searches, you are narrowing down the competition. You will automatically reduce the competition level with local SEO. Rather than competing with websites at global level you will be competing only with companies or service providers in a given region.

Your conversion rates will increase with local SEO because the customers are likely to use a service provider that is close to home. You will be able to tap the potential of this local market by using local SEO service. Statistics indicate that the conversion rate for local searches is far higher than the conversion rates for general searches.

Local SEO will also put you on the Google map when local searches are made. This will further boost your website’s traffic rate as your visibility level will increase when your business gets listed in Google map for local searches, your visibility level will be boosted dramatically.

Here we cannot forget the increasing percentage of internet users that access the web through handheld devices such as smart phones, PDAs, Tablet PCs and more. Local SEO will help you increase your sales levels here. People will be able to have the most important information regarding your business such as your physical address, contact details and other relevant information that will help them access your business or visit your office easily.

Using local SEO service will be one of the most cost effective ways of reaching your target customers. You will be able to improve your brand visibility among the people that matter the most to your brand. As opposed to the other forms of local advertising, reaching your local customers is not only cheaper but it is also highly effective because more and more customers today first go online to search for the products and services they need. With local SEO you will be reaching out these customers. Added to that you should also remember here that people that are searching for local vendors and local service providers are people that have immediate requirements they are highly prospective customers for your business. So you will be saving a lot of money on your advertising budget and still drive good traffic to your website and more walk-ins to your business.

Local SEO will also get your website listed in local directories. The ultimate aim of local SEO service is to target your visitors better and reach out people that have immediate requirements so that you can make your brand a great success.

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