What Is Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting?

What Is Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting?

Each Internet user unknowingly interacts with a multitude of devices and programs. Each program, such as a website or a routing system, is stored in a computer system called a server. Each server is programmed according to the specifications of a hosting company. Technologies like virtual dedicated server hosting allow these companies to meet enormous demand. Virtual dedicated serving hosting is the latest in a series of improvements to server technology. Customers can access tremendous computing power and memory capacity for a lower price than regular dedicated servers. Here is a brief history of server development leading up to virtual dedicated server hosting.

Shared vs. Dedicated Servers

There are many ways to configure a server and it can host one website or multiple websites; these are respectively known as dedicated and shared servers. Setting up either kind requires technical skills. Another technique also exists that allows multiple virtual servers to be housed in the same physical server. Virtual dedicated server hosting allows multiple customers to share the benefit of dedicated hosting all while using the same machine.

Hosting companies lease the use of their servers to their clients. Customers who pay for dedicated hosting are leased a dedicated server machine complete with their own Internet connection and router. There are many advantages to dedicated server hosting as opposed to shared hosting.

For one thing, if the shared server is compromised, all the customers are at risk for potential data loss or corruption. Shared servers also are more costly to maintain since each user is affected by the maintenance. Prices for shared hosting are usually lower because the hosting company can spread these costs between the users. Cheap server hosting is the norm with shared servers. Businesses that are located in industries that demand security and control are unlikely to be satisfied with this level of service.

Another risk associated with shared servers is overflow. Customers who use a shared server share the bandwidth necessary to handle their collective traffic. When one customer experiences a sudden increase in traffic, the other customers will suddenly find themselves with less bandwidth to use. In this way, problems with one customer’s account can inadvertently affect the other customers’ accounts as well.

Dedicated servers are leased to only one customer at a time. This arrangement does not carry the same risk of compromise. In addition, the customer maintains full administrative control and can access the server’s functions remotely. The price is higher, however, because the hosting company cannot spread the maintenance costs between multiple customers. A higher price may be comparatively small when faced with the additional cost of data loss or corruption.

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Running multiple virtual dedicated servers eliminates the problems of shared servers while lowering the costs of dedicated hosting. By using special software, a single physical server can be split into multiple virtual servers. Each virtual server acts exactly like a regular server. This technique takes advantage of the fact that most servers only use a fraction of their total processing power. They have the capacity to handle many more tasks, but concerns over streamlining computer networks result in underutilization.

Server virtualization solves two problems at once. Each dedicated virtual server is completely self-contained and does not affect the other virtual dedicated servers using the physical machine. Virtual dedicated servers still allow customers to maintain full control over server administration and functionality. Security issues also vanish with a dedicated virtual server. Virtual dedicated server hosting protects the customers using the machine. Virtualization ensures that each virtual server is separate from the others. One server being compromised will not affect the other servers.


Virtual dedicated server hosting is a brilliant way to simultaneously cut costs and expand resources. Since clients maintain administrative control, they can customize their server as they wish. Installing their own operating systems and setting up specific controls all come with a lower price. Hosting companies can spread the maintenance costs around with multiple customers each using a dedicated virtual server.

This process makes finding a good cheap server much easier. Hosting companies offering server virtualization for their clients abound, and shopping around for quality cheap servers reveals an abundance of options. A dedicated virtual server means lower prices and higher quality service. Running a dedicated virtual server also means finding everything the customer wants at low cost and expense. For once, a cheap server is only cheap in price, not quality. Hosting companies offering a cheap server can now proclaim that their services are top-notch.

Dedicated Server Forums

Problems with dedicated servers can be taken to a dedicated server forum, which exists to provide essential answers for virtual dedicated servers. A good dedicated server forum will contain multiple experts and plenty of fellow customers. some of the best examples of a dedicated server forum are sponsored by hosting companies.

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