Why Choosing an Ideal Domain Name is Critical

A domain name is one of the most essential parts of your web presence.  This is reflected in the fact that the so many of the good domains were snapped up long ago. Those which are available often go for unbelievable prices.  In the late 1990’s, getting a domain name was fairly easy, a little pricey but easy.  There were still catchy names available and businesses across various sectors were far less competitive.  Registering a domain has become extremely difficult in recent times and obtaining the one you want is never guaranteed.  This article will explain why you must register a good domain name in order to thrive on today’s internet.

Picking Your TLD:

Some say that the extension of TLD (Top Level Domain) is of little importance, some say it makes all the difference.  We happen to believe that those seemingly insignificant letters are very critical to your web presence.  There are many extensions you can choose from but .com is the cream of the crop.  Because the majority of web surfers are the most familiar with this extension, it gives you the best chance of increasing visibility through a blog, personal or business site.  If there is absolutely no chance of obtaining a .com domain, only then should you consider alternatives such as .net. and .org.

Keyword vs. Branding

There has been much debate about which type of domain provides the best results – one that contains a keyword or one focused on branding.  Implementing keywords will certainly give a boost to your rankings when targeted properly but it may limit your marketability.  If you’re looking to make your domain name the talk of your niche, optimizing it for search engines may not be the best move.  In this case, you can try to experiment with a few keywords to see if you can leverage the best of both worlds.

A Word on Numbers and Dashes

Unless you absolutely need them, it is advisable to refrain from inserting numbers into your domain name.  From an SEO standpoint, numbers have no prevalence and provide no value.  Although dashes are increasingly dropping in value, they are showing to be useful in regard to optimization.  With the right combination, a dash can help you create a domain name that is both catchy and search engine appealing.

Securing Your Name

After settling on a good name and finding yourself a reliable registrar, you may want to consider registering it for two or three years.  Why do this?  Because once you settle on something that fits, you want to hold onto it for as long as possible.  The longer your domain is active in cyberspace, the more familiar it will become with the search engines and prospects.  If not, you stand the risk of losing all you worked to build and having to start from scratch.  In addition, there is a great chance that your domain name will be snatched up by someone who can make more of it than you.  Domains are like endangered species so you can’t afford to let a good one slide by.

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